Dazzle Your Audience with Practical Giveaways

Author: Michelle Felix | March 13, 2014

Giveaways are essential to making a lasting impression in your audience’s mind after an exhibition or conference. Trying to stand out from the other exhibitors can be challenging as attendees are usually bombarded with candy, pens and other generic freebies.

As marketers, we are taught to think outside the box and focus on what the target audience would want and use. For instance, Berbay Marketing & Public Relations was a Silver Sponsor exhibitor at the 2014 Employment Law Forum hosted by the Greater Los Angeles Association of Legal Administrators. Since we’ve been involved with the organization for years, we knew those in attendance would be largely women. Playing up the old saying, “A diamond is a girl’s best friend,” we decided to hand out a Diamond Dazzle Stik™ to the attendees. These portable diamond and jewelry cleaners were a success, as we received positive feedback on the uniqueness and practicality of our giveaway.

When you plan your next exhibition appearance, consider the potential attendees. Think about giving away an item that is different and that will most likely be used rather than stuffed in a drawer with fifty other generic items. Then ideally, when your services are needed, those attendees will remember your company’s unique giveaway.

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