Can professional service firms be visible and classy?

We were recently talking with a professional services firm that works with high net worth clients. They were interested in increasing their visibility, but hadn’t used public relations in the past because they equated visibility with a lack of class.  However, they now had a second generation chomping at the bit to have the media recognition that their peers at other firms had.

Since when does visibility in your target markets and top-of-mind awareness preclude retaining a high-end professional image and reputation?  Marketing, including PR and social media, are about execution – how, where and when you position yourself and your firm as professionals.  You can target respected and influential media outlets that validate and reinforce your positioning, or you can go for everything you can get.

In today’s world, you can’t isolate one aspect of marketing from another – the marketing pipeline is integrated.  PR content – your media interviews, articles, etc. – feeds your online presence – website, blog, social media – and vice versa.  This means that a high-end brand requires a website and social media presence that reflects an upscale image, one that reinforces your promise of knowing how to deal with affluent individuals who expect a certain level of service, discretion and privacy.

In addition, you have competitors who are visible while retaining an upscale turf.  You do your firm no good by holding on to bygone myths that visibility will lower a penthouse image.  You lose ground to other firms and, what can be even more damaging, you risk losing valued professionals to more progressive firms.

So claim what’s yours – your share of the spotlight that will showcase your expertise, experience and prestige.

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