A New Type of Website

At a social media presentation by the Los Angeles Chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG), I became aware of a new tool called a Social Media Press Kit (SMPK). A SMPK is a miniature website or “microsite” that consolidates all of your social media links, contact information, company profile and bio into one place so that someone can easily navigate and obtain a range of information.  In order to get people to your SMPK, you can include a button in your email signature, which is provided when you develop your SMPK.

Information you can include in your SMPK:

  • Headshot and company logo.
  • Link to your company website or blog.
  • Link to your LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, Twitter, etc.
  • YouTube video – this could be a video about your services, a client testimonial, etc.
  • SMPK offers three customizable areas where you can include company information, such as, company history, services provided, biography information, etc.
  • Full contact information and your V-card.

An SMPK can be a great opportunity for professionals to create an online presence without investing in a website that will break the bank or undertaking a website development project that may never be completed.  For just under $10, you can have your SMPK live in less than an hour.

-By Berbay Account Manager Erica Hess

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