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Is Your Law Firm Ready for 2017? What You Need to Know from Attorney at Work’s Annual Hot List

Attorney at Work has published its 28th annual list of trends in the legal profession, and it covers everything from law firm marketing and practice areas to technology. Primarily because of the recent election, the legal industry can expect major changes (and virtually every other industry as well). So how should your firm prepare? We’ve summed up some of the biggest legal trends to keep top of mind as the new year unfolds. Practice areas will reflect the incoming administration. If you’ve read the news lately, it won’t come as a shock that cybersecurity, health care, immigration and environmental law … Continue Reading

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The Building Blocks of a Business

At a recent Turnaround Management Association (TMA) Breakfast Leadership Series event, Richard G. Reinis, the CEO and General Counsel of Krispy Kreme’s parent company, shared his first-hand experiences. He spoke about his involvement in the planning, fundraising, staffing and marketing of a start-up business that grew into the largest Krispy Kreme franchise in the country, and which survived a significant reduction. Read on for a few of our takeaways on building, staffing and marketing a successful business. Articulate your vision. Clearly defining your overall mission for your business is vital; it will affect every aspect of your company from the … Continue Reading

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Tech Innovations That Will Change the Legal Industry

The year 2016 was many things, but you can’t argue that it wasn’t important, especially in the area of technology. For better or worse, many of the developments that emerged in 2016 will change the way we live and work. For the legal industry in particular, these innovations will have a significant effect on attorneys’ efficiency, strategy and client base. Attorney Robert Ambrogi gathered some of these innovations on his blog, and below we’ve highlighted the top developments that will change the legal industry in 2017 and beyond. Analytics are reshaping how lawyers think. The tech world has always lived … Continue Reading

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How the Decrease in Demand for Legal Services Will Impact Law Firms

As time goes on, law firms are experiencing more and more of a flattening in the demand for legal services while costs continue to rise. Yet, interestingly, few firms have adapted the services they offer to try and make up for the loss. Change has failed to happen for a variety of reasons, but mostly because law firms simply don’t feel enough pressure to change. Partners are especially hesitant to adjust their behavior; their individual careers are likely more secure so they don’t see the need to rethink their strategies. This issue has been going on for a few years, … Continue Reading

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