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Berbay Marketing & PR has a track record of success in getting lawyers, CPAs, real estate professionals and other professionals into rankings important to their business. While there are no guarantees, having an advocate like us can make the difference between inclusion and being an “also-ran.”

Nominations and rankings have grown in importance among professionals in every discipline. Being included on a list such as Super Lawyers, Top 100 Attorneys, Chambers and Partners, or Women of Influence in Real Estate (to name just a few) brings a host of benefits:

    • The list publisher’s objective recognition strengthens your credibility.
    • The rankings level the playing field so you can compete on equal footing with larger or more prominent firms.
    • Having your name on the list boosts your profile and gives you a competitive edge.

We collaborate closely with you to:

    • Determine which rankings to target.
    • Research submission deadlines and decision-making criteria.
    • Draft compelling nominations that showcase your successes.

We often also try to familiarize decision-makers with your expertise before the nominating period, so that they are already aware of you and your accomplishments by the time they receive your submission.

Finally, we make the most of your ranking by:

    • Publicizing it via press release through your website, a mass e-mail, etc.
    • Incorporating the ranking into your biography.
    • Creating a reprint or e-print of the list for distribution.
    • Taking advantage of the ranking to present you as an expert spokesperson.

Let Berbay Marketing & PR help you get the recognition you deserve.

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