Marketing Materials for Professional Services

Hardcopy brochures & mailers, E-newsletters, capabilities pieces, presentation materials & more.

Showcase your firm and consistently keep your name in front of your markets with memorable marketing materials.  Through succinct copy and photos, you can highlight your firm’s successes and expertise with impact.

You’ve heard the oft-quoted statistics about the number of “touches” it takes to turn a prospective client into a client.  In today’s nonstop world, there’s only a small number of times you can reach prospective clients and referral sources in person.  Attention-getting marketing materials consistently reminds your markets of you when you can’t.

Come to Mind First

We collaborate closely with you to develop memorable hardcopy and electronic marketing materials that maintain top-of-mind awareness.  Our work includes:

    • Determining what marketing materials you need based on how you want to use them (e.g., to give away at trade shows, leave-behinds, etc.).
    • Coming up with a design for the materials that best match your business, and content that clearly communicates what you do.
    • Project managing the process.
    • For e-newsletters and direct mail campaigns, distributing the material and tracking results.

Marketing material drives prospects to your website so that you convey your message more completely and on a broader platform.  Hardcopy material legitimizes your firm with a tangible representation of your intangible service.  E-newsletters keep your targets up-to-date on your recent projects, new service lines or practice groups, new hires and successes.  They remind those you want to reach of your skills and experience.


We have been recognized with top rankings by national design organizations and public-relations associations for our marketing materials.

Marketing materials can bring you value by:

    • Consistently keeping your name in front of your prospects, referral sources and clients.
    • Quickly communicating the value you bring your clients.
    • Reinforcing your message of deep experience, skill and expertise.


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