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April 2015 – Why Your Firm Needs Social Media Now!

How much business is your firm willing to hand over to the competition if you do not consistently incorporate blogs and other social media outlets – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ – into your marketing strategy? Continue Reading

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March 2015 – Tame the Marketing Beast Before It Devours You

The 3-D effects of a Universal Studios ride make you believe you are about to be devoured by a wild monster. Many professionals feel this way about marketing today – having to tame a beast with an increasing number of appendages, such as social media, and with a voracious appetite for content. Continue Reading

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February 2015 – Making Content Marketing Work For You

You may be hearing a lot about content marketing lately, but may not be clear as to what it is and why you need to make it part of your marketing now.

Do a Google search and you find that content marketing has many definitions, all of them with a common thread: providing informative and valuable material that attracts and engages your audience.
Continue Reading

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December 2014 – Keep Your Marketing Efforts Current

Changes in what is effective in marketing seem to happen today at the speed of light. Some concepts and vehicles, like Twitter, were in their infancy just a few years ago but have taken hold and are now pervasive. Others, à la MySpace, burned brightly but are now obsolete. Continue Reading

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