Keeping Your PowerPoints on Point

Visuals, visuals, visuals and a strong, personal presentation style. Those are the messages that came through loud and clear for developing a presentation that keeps your audience engrossed, communicates your expertise and makes you memorable. TED-style talks relaying these messages broke through the clutter at two recent conferences – one for legal marketers, the other for public relations practitioners – through the effective use of both visuals and style. As they do today, TED talks – originally Technology, Entertainment and Digital, started in 1984 – showcase big ideas that have the potential to change the world. One thing they have definitely … Continue Reading

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Legal Marketing: There’s an App for That

Would you like to develop a marketing app that could raise your visibility, strengthen your credibility, and generate more leads? “Sure,” you may be saying, “but I wouldn’t know how; I’m not a ‘techie.’” Well, to build a perfectly functional marketing app, you don’t have to understand technology. You just have to keep doing the work you’re doing on a daily basis and process it through three simple steps. But let’s back up for a minute and define what we mean by “marketing app.”  An “app,” or application, is a computer software program designed to perform a specific task. These … Continue Reading

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Marketing Pros “WOW” at the 2016 Legal Marketing Conference

The following summary and marketing tips should prove helpful to you as you develop your own marketing strategies and plans. With breakout session topics including “The Secrets of Why and How TED Talks Captivate Audiences,” “The Latest Trends in Legal Marketing and Business Development,” “Getting to the Heart of Your Firm’s Brand,” “The Marketing Scorecard: Key Factors for Measuring ROI” and “Managing the Business of Marketing,” top legal marketing pros informed and inspired their audiences with measurable strategies and tactics for building on, and generating new, profitable client relationships. Drawing an audience of over 1,400 people from 17 countries, presentations … Continue Reading

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Nine Marketing Resolutions for the New Year

By: Sharon Berman Published: The Recorder New Year’s resolutions are the new Santa Claus: they’re a nice idea, fun to contemplate, but we all know they don’t really exist. By day seven of the new year, resolutions have fallen by the wayside. So, why write an article about New Year’s resolutions for your marketing? Because “resolution” isn’t just something you make in December (and break in January); it also means courage, dauntlessness, steadfastness and staying power—among other qualities many professionals would like to ascribe to their marketing and business development. With those meanings in mind, here are some marketing “resolutions” … Continue Reading

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