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Berbay’s Fun, Engaging Company Culture Enriches Employee Well-Being While Embracing the Needs of Millennials

More than salary, research shows that the top workplace draw for Millennials (defined as those born between 1982 and 2004) is company culture. And with Millennials overtaking Baby Boomers in generational size, Berbay is on the pulse of today’s evolving workforce, providing resources, tools and programs that enhance employees’ well-being, which ultimately benefits productivity and client service. What Company Values and Benefits Rank as Most Important to Millennials? Based on a 2015 survey conducted by Virgin Pulse (part of Richard Branson’s Virgin Group) of more than 1,000 U.S.-based, full-time Millennial employees, the factors that mean most to this tech-savvy, socially … Continue Reading

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Blog Written by Megan Braverman, Senior Account Manager

Megan Braverman excels at extracting the maximum benefit out of every opportunity. She brings a fresh eye and an educated, experienced viewpoint that helps clients get a new perspective on their strengths and their potential for reaching new prospects. Her goal with each client is to identify their business objectives and develop and execute a plan that exceeds those objectives.

Adding a Personal Touch

Everyone has their opinion when it comes to the proper interview follow up strategy in today’s digital landscape. Sending a generic e-mail to everyone you interviewed with is now a commonly accepted practice, replacing the traditional handwritten thank you card. However, a combination of both the old and new school ways of sending a thank you to prospective employers can set you apart from the competition. Here are 8 helpful tips to keep in mind when you are crafting the perfect thank you. 1. Business Cards Make sure to ask for each interviewer’s business card. The last thing you want … Continue Reading

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Blog Written by Heather Long,

See Things Through Your Clients’ Eyes: Look Up!

All the literature on customer service instructs you to see things through your clients’ eyes in order to provide the best experience to them. A colleague of mine told me a story that perfectly illustrates the wisdom of that instruction. He was scheduled for a medical procedure that had to be performed twice. The first time was at an outpatient surgical center in Beverly Hills. He was flat on his back, staring up at the ceiling tiles. The office was professionally set up and was clean, except the ceiling tiles, which were broken and stained. The procedure went OK, but … Continue Reading

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Blog Written by Sharon Berman, Principal

Sharon contributes her more than 25 years of success in strategic marketing to help ensure a positive outcome for Berbay clients. As the nucleus of the Berbay team, she empowers her staff to share their expertise and experience in every project, multiplying the benefits each client receives from working with Berbay.

The Importance of Continuing Professional Development

After graduating college, we assume the remainder of our education will take place in the office, which in a sense holds true. However, working in the same environment, with the same people, doing similar tasks day after day, month after month, hardly yields consistent growth. Instead, it can create a plateau in our development. When this happens, we need something to re-inspire and remind us why we chose our careers. That’s where continuing professional development comes in. It’s a vital tool to help us stay on top of trends in our field and continuously refine our skills. Whether we lose … Continue Reading

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Blog Written by Cat Dreiling, Assistant Account Manager

My background in psychology helps me relate to people and communicate effectively. My experience in the service industry allows me to better serve our clients and anticipate the needs of those around me.

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