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5 Reasons to Say No and 4 Strategies to Help You Learn How

What one word with only two letters and one syllable is probably the most difficult word to say?  Give up?  It’s “NO.”  As Robin Bull points out in her article on learning how to say no, “Practical Strategies to Help You Say No,” even those of us with the strongest resolve to decline can break down.  And as busy professionals, even if it’s not just that we don’t want to do something, we often just don’t have the time to do what’s being requested of us. Bottom line: it’s not easy to learn how to say no!  But that’s not … Continue Reading

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Blog Written by Amy Rossetti, Assistant Account Manager

Assistant Account Manager Amy Rossetti left behind Boston blizzards for Southern California sunshine to join the firm’s dynamic marketing team. Amy plays a key role in spearheading Berbay’s marketing and public relations initiatives, including facilitating the development of white papers and webinars and managing the firm’s online presence.

Five Essential Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Online Profiles

If you’ve ever Googled your firm, you’ve probably seen it listed on a number of directories and review websites like Yelp, Super Lawyers, AVVO and others. Perhaps some of your information is incomplete or incorrect. Or, maybe you expected to see your name, only to discover that your firm wasn’t listed at all. These issues aren’t something to be ignored; online profiles on directory websites make up a huge part of your web presence. Most of all, they can be the first introduction to your firm for many potential clients. According to Above the Law, online profiles are like business … Continue Reading

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Blog Written by Megan Braverman, Principal

Principal Megan Braverman brings more than a decade of experience in developing robust marketing and public relations programs that create visibility and drive revenue for firms in the legal, real estate, finance, and other professional services spaces. Megan has developed an exceptional reputation as a tenacious, strategic and intuitive asset for clients through her ability to identify what sets them apart from the competition and execute programs that surpass their business and marketing goals.

Pokémon Go and the Gamification of Real Life

Now that the furor surrounding the popular augmented-reality game Pokémon Go has somewhat died down since its July release, we have a chance to step back and examine exactly why the app got so popular so fast. It’s true that nostalgia plays a part; the game caters to the many millennials who have fond childhood memories of playing Pokémon Red on Game Boys. However, I believe that a far bigger aspect of it’s appeal has to do with its gamification of everyday activities. Pokémon Go’s interface consists of a highly detailed location-specific map based on each user’s real-life surroundings. “Pokéstops” … Continue Reading

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Blog Written by Rekha Mohan, Assistant Account Manager

Assistant Account Manager Rekha Mohan uses her writing and content creation skills to produce newsletters, website blurbs, media pitches and press releases that increase clients’ visibility and highlight their successes. With an eye for detail and clarity, Rekha works closely with the Account Managers to create messages that are fine-tuned and meticulously crafted.

What I Learned at Berbay

Over the duration of my PR internship with Berbay Marketing & Public Relations, I was never asked to get anybody coffee or pick up dry cleaning. One time I did have to walk dogs around the block, but I counted that as a perk. When my summer started, my familiarity with anything “public relations” was…dismal. Some college course here, some marketing meetings with my college radio station there. I applied to the Berbay PR internship because I didn’t know enough about PR to decide whether I would consider it for a career. So I thought, why not? One cover letter, … Continue Reading

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Blog Written by Will Peischel, Intern

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