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The Social Media Trends You Need to Know About Now

Many people think of themselves as social media masters, but without learning about the latest social media trends, no one can hold onto that title for long — simply because social media changes so fast. Sure, the principle of creating quality content is always the same. But there’s no telling what the social media landscape will look like five years from now, or even next year. True social media masters dedicate time to educating themselves and embracing innovation. That doesn’t just mean learning about new platforms; it also means relearning the ins and outs of old ones. Social media apps … Continue Reading

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Blog Written by Megan Braverman, Principal

Principal Megan Braverman brings more than a decade of experience in developing robust marketing and public relations programs that create visibility and drive revenue for firms in the legal, real estate, finance, and other professional services spaces. Megan has developed an exceptional reputation as a tenacious, strategic and intuitive asset for clients through her ability to identify what sets them apart from the competition and execute programs that surpass their business and marketing goals.

Prospects Not Biting? It Could Be Your Email Subject Lines

Are your email open rates underwhelming? If so, it probably has something to do with your email subject lines. At first glance, writing subject lines seems straightforward. But finding the right balance is tricky—they have to be strong without being pushy, informative without being wordy, personal without being creepy. Few companies get this balance right, which can have a serious impact on the success of email campaigns. Regardless of how well-crafted the body of your email is, if your subject line isn’t intriguing, recipients will simply never click it. Thankfully, you’re not the only one who could use some subject … Continue Reading

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Blog Written by Karla Fletcher, Account Manager

With a determination to constantly stay abreast of the industries in which her clients operate and a commitment to provide them with top flight media and public relations opportunities designed to support revenue growth, Karla Fletcher brings a variety of abilities to her work at Berbay.

The Art of Working with the Media Involves Plenty of Work

Public relations professionals ardently wish that PR were more science than art so that it could be easily predicted. The truth is, though, that PR is more art than science, and sometimes art is frustrating. I was prompted to this observation by a recent interaction: Berbay Marketing & PR pitched a story for a client who happens to be in a technology industry. We got some responses from reporters, including from the Wall Street Journal – exciting news for us and our client. As often happens, the project evolved over several months, first with our offering of information, followed by … Continue Reading

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Blog Written by Sharon Berman, Managing Principal

Sharon contributes her more than 25 years of success in strategic marketing to help ensure a positive outcome for Berbay clients. As the nucleus of the Berbay team, she empowers her staff to share their expertise and experience in every project, multiplying the benefits each client receives from working with Berbay.

“Engaging” Content Will Encourage Your Prospects to Say, “I Do.”

The general approach to content creation has been to create the “right” message for the “right” audience and to distribute it through the “right” channels at the “right” time.  Lin Pophal’s recent article, “Push Vs. Pull: The Right Path to Content Personalization,” uses Rapt Media’s recent report entitled, “The Future of Content: Personalizing the Content Experience,” to showcase why that approach is not enough. The point being made is that there hasn’t been enough attention paid to whether or not content is effectively generating a personalized and relevant experience for its audience.  According to Rapt Media CEO, Erika Trautman, “Personalization … Continue Reading

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Blog Written by Amy Rossetti, Assistant Account Manager

Assistant Account Manager Amy Rossetti left behind Boston blizzards for Southern California sunshine to join the firm’s dynamic marketing team. Amy plays a key role in spearheading Berbay’s marketing and public relations initiatives, including facilitating the development of white papers and webinars and managing the firm’s online presence.

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