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What Makes a Case Marketable?

Litigation can be complicated, difficult to follow and fraught with legal jargon for marketers. The Legal Marketing Association’s (LMA) Los Angeles Chapter held their “Law School for Marketers: Litigation” program on Tuesday, October 20, which offered insight on how legal marketers can effectively act as translators between lawyers and their constituents – whether they are clients, recruits or the press. So how do legal marketers do just that? A solid understanding for commonly used industry terms is a must. It is also imperative for you to understand not only who your client is and what they do, but what industries … Continue Reading

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Blog Written by Heather Long,

The Market Demonstrates: Get Online or Get Left Behind

For everyone who continues to think their high net worth customers aren’t going online to find professional services, a recent business development should make you reconsider. Two fashion retailers, Net-A-Porter and Yoox, which sell luxury and high-end products exclusively online, recently announced they are merging, creating a powerhouse that will dominate the market. Even if your business is nothing like the fashion industry, this deal provides another strong indication that the wealthy are willing – and eager – to abandon “traditional” consumer behavior. What it means for you When I learned of the deal, I immediately thought that any professional … Continue Reading

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Blog Written by Sharon Berman, Principal

Sharon contributes her more than 25 years of success in strategic marketing to help ensure a positive outcome for Berbay clients. As the nucleus of the Berbay team, she empowers her staff to share their expertise and experience in every project, multiplying the benefits each client receives from working with Berbay.

The Power of Mentorship

At a thinkLA sponsored event, advertising professional Lisa Tanner expressed the importance of finding a mentor in the beginning stages of your career. Mentors not only offer a wealth of knowledge pertaining to their own career path, but can also offer feedback and perspective on projects you are currently working on. A mentor can help you reach decisions, think outside of the box, establish goals and, ultimately, develop your skills. Before finding a mentor, you should identify your personality type, skill-set, weaknesses and long-term career goals. Once you determine these things, finding someone who is the right fit and whose … Continue Reading

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Blog Written by Cat Dreiling, Assistant Account Manager

My background in psychology helps me relate to people and communicate effectively. My experience in the service industry allows me to better serve our clients and anticipate the needs of those around me.

Social Media Is Changing Law Firm Communications Click by Click

In today’s online world, more law firms are using social media, such as LinkedIn, to avoid being left out. Although law firm communications and marketing professionals are still using traditional methods of communication, such as trade publications and newsletters, they are recognizing that social media allows for more agility in reaching current and potential clients than the more customary methods. It allows them to reach their audience more directly, making it easier to build relationships, and can also be more cost-effective than traditional methods. What social media tools are the most popular? In a 2015 report by the online magazine … Continue Reading

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Blog Written by Amy Rossetti,

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