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Berbay Gets a Glimpse Inside LA’s Famous Stahl House

You may not know its name or who designed it, but you’ve almost certainly seen this famous Los Angeles home. Case Study House #22, or the Stahl House, named for the family that bought the lot in 1954, is an iconic piece of modernist architecture, immortalized in movies, TV shows and the photography of Julius Shulman. The Berbay team was lucky enough to visit the Stahl House as part of our cultural camaraderie initiative for June. Although the interior has changed over the years, the architecture is unaltered and the house is still open to the public a few times … Continue Reading

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Blog Written by Amy Rossetti,

How to Write a Great LinkedIn Summary

LinkedIn is considered the social media platform extraordinaire for business professionals. Studies have shown that the summary is the second part of your profile that visitors look at—right after they see your picture. Therefore, it’s worth taking the extra time to make sure your summary doesn’t sound similar to the previous lawyer they looked at. So what makes a great LinkedIn summary? Below are a few tips I picked up in a recent TED-talk at the Legal Marketing Association’s Tech Conference. 1. Market specifically; practice generally. While it’s great to list every single practice area that you have experience in, … Continue Reading

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Blog Written by Michelle Felix, Account Manager,

Every workday is a stimulating mix of interesting challenges for Michelle Villamor as she assists Berbay’s account managers. Over the course of any given day, she may create media lists, draft press releases, follow up with media pitches, draft website materials, update clients’ social media profiles or take on many other assignments.

Account Manager Karla Fletcher Celebrates Six Months at Berbay

Pulled, stretched, tugged, challenged. All these words, and more, come to mind when I think about my time at Berbay. Never have I been pulled, stretched and challenged to the point where I thought I would break, only to find a group of people ready to catch me if I fell. As someone with an advanced degree in PR, I thought it would be a relatively easy transition for me to move from my corporate logistics career into the field I studied so vigorously in college. I had taken all the classes from international communications to crisis communication, and even … Continue Reading

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Blog Written by Karla Fletcher,

Stepping over to the Dark Side

After 13 years, a half dozen newsrooms and multiple states, I made the switch from a career in journalism to public relations. There was a sense of anxiety: would this new career be as fulfilling? There was also guilt for abandoning a journey that so few get to travel. Then there was the ridicule (albeit jealously) from my fellow “newsies”. You put in 9-12 hour days, missed many holidays, bar mitzvahs and weddings to “just end up doing PR.” Last month, I received a message through Facebook from a former colleague who congratulated me for having the chutzpah to leave … Continue Reading

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Blog Written by Havonnah Johnson,

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