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Three Mobile Engagement Tips for Professional Services Firms

Are your social media followers engaged? If your firm is using Twitter, they may not be. According to comScore, the average Twitter user spends less than three minutes a day using the platform’s mobile app—and that number is only continuing to fall. Mobile users are spending their time on Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and, above all, Facebook. The average Facebook mobile user spends 30.3 minutes on the app per day, more than the next five apps combined. It seems as if Twitter has lost its intrigue for investors and tech insiders as well: the company’s valuation decreased by an astounding … Continue Reading

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Blog Written by Megan Braverman, Senior Account Manager

Megan Braverman excels at extracting the maximum benefit out of every opportunity. She brings a fresh eye and an educated, experienced viewpoint that helps clients get a new perspective on their strengths and their potential for reaching new prospects. Her goal with each client is to identify their business objectives and develop and execute a plan that exceeds those objectives.

7 Characteristics of High-Quality Content

  At Berbay, we talk a lot about the importance of content. And it’s not for nothing: content marketing is a proven tactic that’s still growing in popularity among legal marketers. We always say that content needs to be high quality, but what exactly does that mean? Aside from being well-written, accurate and free of errors, there are some characteristics that will take your content to the top and draw more potential clients to your website and social platforms. Here are seven of them. Relatability: Readers connect more with content that’s written in a colloquial, friendly style. As a lawyer, you … Continue Reading

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Blog Written by Rekha,

What’s Hot and What’s Not in Legal Marketing

During the panel “What’s Now & What’s Next for the Legal Press,” hosted by the Legal Marketing Association, panelists discussed the top trends in legal media as well as tips for PR professionals trying to put their best foot forward to get coverage from reporters and editors. The expert panel included Jenna Greene, Editor-Columnist of AmLaw Litigation Daily; David Houston, Editor of the Daily Journal; and Casey Sullivan, Editor-Writer with Big Law Business of Bloomberg. Below are a few legal marketing takeaways: Beat the Competition: There is an increasing request for media outlets to consistently publish “quick-take commentary” similar to … Continue Reading

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Blog Written by Michelle Villamor, Assistant Account Manager,

Every workday is a stimulating mix of interesting challenges for Michelle Villamor as she assists Berbay’s account managers. Over the course of any given day, she may create media lists, draft press releases, follow up with media pitches, draft website materials, update clients’ social media profiles or take on many other assignments.

5 Law Firm Marketing Investments You Should Be Making

Shockingly, many law firms admit to having virtually no marketing budget, staff or strategy—and that’s a serious mistake. Expecting your firm to grow without investing any effort into marketing is like expecting to win a case without any preparation. Don’t know where to start? Here are five areas where you should be putting your marketing efforts. Money There’s no getting around it: marketing costs money. The good news is that increasing your marketing budget, even slightly, can result in more clients and significantly higher returns. According to most sources, firms should be spending no less than 2.5 percent of their … Continue Reading

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Blog Written by Rekha,

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