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Top 5 Marketing Apps for Legal Professionals

Everyone is on their mobile devices these days. So we’ve prepared a list of downloadable apps, or applications that real estate, financial and legal professionals might want to explore — not only to make your life a little easier (i.e. multitasking, managing time efficiently and staying organized), but also to keep you on the forefront of the best apps available for professionals. Pipedrive — Legal professionals, as well as those in the real estate and financial sectors, are able to keep track of prospective clients, other contacts and outreach all in one place. Currently, Pipedrive has more than 3,500 users … Continue Reading

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Blog Written by Tiffany Garcia, Assistant Account Manager

Tiffany Garcia’s work focuses on designing effective marketing materials, creating detailed media lists and updating the firm’s social media profiles. She brings a creative eye to every project and is an invaluable asset to the account team.

5 LinkedIn Tips for Lawyers and Law Firms

Most professionals view LinkedIn as a platform for connecting with people they’ve met or with whom they’ve done business. Imagine LinkedIn’s potential if used to the same degree and with the same regularity as other social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. For lawyers, the possibilities could be endless. Instead of shying away from adding unfamiliar connections to your profile, consider expanding your network in new, creative ways. By engaging in expansion, you can increase your visibility among those who don’t already know you or your law firm. This also increases the likelihood of an individual endorsing your key strengths … Continue Reading

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Blog Written by Cat Dreiling, Assistant Account Manager

My background in psychology helps me relate to people and communicate effectively. My experience in the service industry allows me to better serve our clients and anticipate the needs of those around me.

Facebook favors truthful posts over “clickbaiting”

A truth of modern life is that when you post something on Facebook, you want readers to click on it. However, there are different ways to go about achieving this goal, and Facebook itself is trying to block posters who are sneaky about it. The social networking platform recently announced that it would crack down on “clickbaiting,” the practice of attracting clicks with a provocative headline and often a suggestive photo. Most readers are irritated when they discover the article is not what was promised, and they quickly click out of the post and move on. The poster, however, got … Continue Reading

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Blog Written by Sharon Berman, Principal

Sharon contributes her more than 25 years of success in strategic marketing to help ensure a positive outcome for Berbay clients. As the nucleus of the Berbay team, she empowers her staff to share their expertise and experience in every project, multiplying the benefits each client receives from working with Berbay.

Public Relations Firm Implements ‘Fall Fridays’ to Enhance Employee Well-Being

In addition to delivering creative and effective marketing and public relations programs for clients, we also take great pride in bringing the same level of commitment and innovation to the well-being of our employees. Therefore, in balancing the deadline-driven world of marketing and PR with the importance of maintaining individual health and wellness, we are pleased to announce the introduction of Fall Fridays. Similar to New Yorkers’ “Summer Fridays,” Fall Fridays capitalizes on the beautiful weather present nearly year-round in Los Angeles. The Fall Friday program is a new office-wide initiative where the Friday workday is shortened by 50 percent, … Continue Reading

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Blog Written by Megan Braverman, Senior Account Manager

Megan Braverman excels at extracting the maximum benefit out of every opportunity. She brings a fresh eye and an educated, experienced viewpoint that helps clients get a new perspective on their strengths and their potential for reaching new prospects. Her goal with each client is to identify their business objectives and develop and execute a plan that exceeds those objectives.

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