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3 Overlooked Law Firm Marketing Techniques That Work

There’s some marketing advice that you hear over and over again: create good content, measure your results, build  relationships, and on and on. But what about less common techniques that you may not have thought of? Marketer Larry Bodine conducted a survey of nearly 400 marketing professionals and asked them to identify the techniques that worked best for them. Here are three lesser-known answers that may be useful for your firm. Join trade associations Most attorneys are involved in at least one bar association or legal group, which is a great way to network within the field. Unfortunately, these kinds … Continue Reading

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Blog Written by Amy Rossetti,

Marketing to Our Lizard Brains: The Psychology of Public Relations

In this age of information, we’re bombarded by anywhere from 3,000 to 20,000 marketing messages in a day, and it can be hard for marketing and public relations professionals to figure out how cut through all this noise. In a session of the Public Relations Society of America’s Western District Conference, Elizabeth Edwards of Volume PR presented several marketing tactics that appeal directly to our “lizard brains,” or the most basic, instinctual brain functions common to all humans. Contrast Our brains instantly and easily recognize contrast messaging—it’s simple and straightforward, and doesn’t require a lot of thought. Pain/gain messaging is … Continue Reading

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Blog Written by Rekha,

Three Considerations for Repurposing Content

Content marketing is a great way to build credibility, but it requires a significant amount of time and, after a while, it can be difficult to come up with fresh ideas. Let’s pause for one second for those of you asking, “What is content marketing?” Content marketing is very simply developing valuable and relevant content for your target audience whether for your blog, social media, website, or a publication. When you factor in all of the different vehicles you can take advantage of—podcasts, webinars, white papers, and on and on—content marketing can quickly become overwhelming. So what’s the solution? It’s … Continue Reading

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Blog Written by Megan Braverman, Senior Account Manager

Megan Braverman excels at extracting the maximum benefit out of every opportunity. She brings a fresh eye and an educated, experienced viewpoint that helps clients get a new perspective on their strengths and their potential for reaching new prospects. Her goal with each client is to identify their business objectives and develop and execute a plan that exceeds those objectives.

Account Manager Michelle Villamor Celebrates Three Years with Berbay

The opportunity to have more creative freedom and put her strong strategic marketing skills to use brought Michelle Villamor to Berbay three years ago. Michelle, who celebrated her third anniversary with the firm in April, had earned her degree in marketing, but her first job after college was in sales. While she enjoyed the client interaction the work afforded, she found sales boring. “I wanted to do more than I was doing,” she says. “So I came to Berbay and immediately found the small office environment very appealing. I always had the sense that I could really grow here. Sharon … Continue Reading

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Blog Written by berbay-admin,

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