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Yearly Archives: 2017

Plaintiff-Attorney Advertising and Its Impact on Litigation. Is It In, Or Is It Out?

Legal Advertisements and Their Impact on Litigation Legal advertising seeking persons injured by medicines, medical devices, sports helmets or airbags have saturated the airwaves and dominate cyberspace. Stephen G.A. Myers introduces, “The Impact of Plaintiffs’ Lawyer Advertising on Mass-Tort Litigation,” by telling his audience that this is no coincidence. There has been prevalent and increasing evidence of the impact of these advertisements; however, courts have been generally reluctant to allow evidence of that impact into the courtroom. Stephen’s presentation discusses an abundance of information; the existing legal precedents on the subject and the evolution and current landscape of legal advertising. … Continue Reading

What the State Bar’s New Ethics Opinion Means for Your Law Blog

The State Bar of California’s new ethics opinion finally addresses a fuzzy issue: whether attorney blogs are considered advertising. The Bar has decided that personal attorney blogs that are separate from a law firm website do not count as advertising. Well, in most cases. Clear as mud, right? In any case, if you blog, here’s what you need to know to ensure that it meets all ethical standards. Do not use a personal blog to advertise. You can write as many posts as you want about legal issues, the consequences of potential legislation and your own opinions about current events. … Continue Reading

Five Social Media Improvements You Can Make Right Now

Managing social media accounts can be a full-time job, but many law firms don’t have the staff or time to keep their profiles up-to-date and engaging. Thinking up ideas for social media content seems simple if you’ve never managed a business account. But once you’re staring at a blank Facebook profile with no idea what to post, it quickly becomes apparent how time-consuming it can be. Thankfully, on social media, doing something is better than doing nothing at all. The important thing is that you just start somewhere. You can always improve as you go; small changes can make a big … Continue Reading

Is Your Law Firm Ready for 2017? What You Need to Know from Attorney at Work’s Annual Hot List

Attorney at Work has published its 28th annual list of trends in the legal profession, and it covers everything from law firm marketing and practice areas to technology. Primarily because of the recent election, the legal industry can expect major changes (and virtually every other industry as well). So how should your firm prepare? We’ve summed up some of the biggest legal trends to keep top of mind as the new year unfolds. Practice areas will reflect the incoming administration. If you’ve read the news lately, it won’t come as a shock that cybersecurity, health care, immigration and environmental law … Continue Reading

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