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Marketing for Professional Services

Berbay Marketing & PR creates the visibility and credibility that fuel revenue growth for professional services firms. For nearly two decades, we have put our skills to work in the legalfinancial, and real estate.

Our array of marketing and public relations services include:

  • Advertising – Whether it’s a one-time ad or an ongoing campaign, we create advertisements with class that get attention.
  • Public relations – We get your professionals quoted in the press as experts, identify newsworthy firm events and secure media coverage, as well as pursue opportunities for your professionals to author articles in relevant publications. Through harnessing the power of validation by an objective third party — like the media — our public relations programs increase your firm’s visibility and strengthen its credibility.
  • Litigation public relations – From press releases to press conferences to social media, we manage all aspects of media relations related to the legal process.
  • Speaking engagements – We obtain opportunities for you to demonstrate your expertise before audiences of prospective clients, such as trade, business and professional associations, and in-house at law firms and corporations.
  • Website revitalization – We update and expand your firm’s current website or build a new site. We regularly update your firm’s site with new content — blog posts, videos, podcasts — so that the site continues to showcase your expertise and experience.
  • Online marketing – We optimize online-marketing techniques, such as search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) campaigns, so that prospects find you first.
  • Marketing materials – We develop striking and informative materials to serve as tangible reminders of your firm’s expertise.
  • Direct mail/email campaigns – We create direct mail/email campaigns to keep your firm consistently in front of your target markets —other professionals, businesspeople, consumers, lawyers and in-house counsel.
  • Nominations and rankings – We pursue opportunities to get your professionals ranked on industry lists by drafting compelling nominations and advocating for your decision-makers.
  • Social media/blogs – We develop LinkedIn, Facebook and/or Twitter profiles for your firm and use social media to expand your firm’s reach. We launch blogs and regularly draft blog posts.

We deliver value by:

  • Increasing your visibility and name recognition so that prospects and referral sources think of you first.
  • Underscoring your firm’s expertise through the power of third-party validation –the media.
  • Leveraging results so that they reach far beyond a publication’s or website’s readership.
  • Building continuous marketing momentum to generate qualified leads.


Let us show you what we can do for you. Please call us today at 310-405-7345 or email us at berman@berbay.com

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Edwin F. Feo, Partner, Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy, LLP
The team at Berbay took the time to understand our practice and quickly and effectively increased our visibility within key markets. I often receive phone calls from competitors complimenting us on the high exposure we’re receiving – and it’s largely due to Berbay’s efforts.
Tom Schulte, CPA, Former Managing Partner, RBZ Accountants & Business Consultants
I've been most impressed with Berbay's ability to take very complicated, raw ideas and turn them into understandable finished products. Berbay continually seeks ways to get RBZ into the public eye.
Tom Schulte, CPA, Former Managing Partner RBZ Accountants & Business Consultants
Tom Mullaney, Managing Director, Huntley, Mullaney, Spargo & Sullivan, LLC
For nearly a decade, Berbay has promoted our name and increased our visibility – obtaining a multitude of media placements, securing speaking opportunities, designing creative newsletter campaigns and more. I highly recommend them to any professional services firm.
Tom Mullaney, Managing Director Huntley, Mullaney, Spargo & Sullivan, LLC
Tod Beebe, Esq., Managing Partner, Barton, Klugman & Oetting, LLP
We have come to rely on Berbay's quick response to time-sensitive projects, as well as their ability to generate additional marketing opportunities for the firm. Berbay's persistence has made a tremendous difference in giving our attorneys the visibility they need in front of key audiences.
Tod Beebe, Esq., Managing Partner Barton, Klugman & Oetting, LLP
Thomas P. Mullaney, Founding Partner, Huntley, Mullaney, Spargo & Sullivan, LLC
I have worked with many public relations firms over the years. Berbay is the first to combine big agency competence with utter dedication to and focus on smaller clients like HMS. They execute our wishes accurately with minimal supervision on our part. They just make it happen.
Thomas P. Mullaney, Founding Partner Huntley, Mullaney, Spargo & Sullivan, LLC
Susan Fowler McNally, Partner, Real Estate Attorney, Gilchrist & Rutter
Berbay has been proactive about finding opportunities for our attorneys to get their opinions and articles into publication, as well as being very responsive to our requests. They have also been instrumental in getting our client's viewpoint into publications, which help shape opinion.
Susan Fowler McNally, Partner, Real Estate Attorney Gilchrist & Rutter
Stephen J. Donell, President, FedReceiver, Inc.
The Berbay team has effectively increased recognition of our firm in our target markets. From securing MCLE speaking opportunities, obtaining quotes in Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, to designing our firm's marketing materials – they have been a significant asset to our firm.
Stephen J. Donell, President FedReceiver, Inc.
Stephen Garcia, Partner, Garcia, Artigliere & Medby
For years, Berbay has been our go-to marketing and public relations resource and consultants. Since then, the number of leads and cases we’ve generated has significantly increased. In addition to revenue growth, they’ve contributed to raising our firm profile. They don’t shy away from a challenge.
Stephen Garcia, Partner Garcia, Artigliere & Medby
Robert N. Sacks, Esq., Partner, Sacks, Glazier, Franklin & Lodise, LLP
In a world where consulting firms may not always live up to their promises, Berbay did exactly what they said they would do. We're very happy with their services.
Robert N. Sacks, Esq., Partner Sacks, Glazier, Franklin & Lodise, LLP
Robert J. Rose, Esq., Managing Director, Sheldon, Mak, Rose & Anderson, PC
Berbay gives us personalized attention with account executives who take the time to know our business, and look for opportunities to make us look our best.
Robert J. Rose, Esq., Managing Director Sheldon, Mak, Rose & Anderson, PC
Berbay Marketing & PR