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What In-House Counsel Want

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Social Media: A Marketing Minefield

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Mid-Year Marketing Accelerator

Thursday, June 21
11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. PDT

If you want to create the visibility and credibility that fuel revenue growth, join us for our upcoming webinar to learn what you can do NOW to get more out of your marketing for the next six months, and lay the groundwork for 2013.

We’ll discuss:

–Signposts to measure your success for the first-half of the year.

–What you can do to get more mileage from your current marketing activities.

–The tools you need to accelerate your marketing results.

–How to build marketing momentum that will catapult you into 2013.

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That Google has a Keyword Search Tool that can compile stats on what users are searching for on their phone.





Source: Hubspot.com

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What In-House Counsel Want

By: Sharon Berman
Published: The Recorder

Editor’s Note: While this article focuses on attorneys, it is applicable to all professionals.

Among a law firm’s eternal questions are how to best market to in-house counsel. Because in-house counsel are clients of our clients, we are always seeking venues to hear firsthand perspectives on how to do this. What breaks through the barrage of material they receive and differentiates an attorney or law firm? What has motivated them to take the leap of faith required to give a lawyer their first chance doing work for the company? What then makes them willing to expand that share of the available work?

After hearing from a range of corporate counsel over the long term, I’m struck by several aspects. First, the core messages are essentially the same from venue to venue. Second, what the speakers advise outside counsel to do in terms of marketing and building relationships is really simple, straightforward and common sense if you think about it from a customer service perspective. This raises the question: If in-house counsel are talking about how these simple steps can differentiate you from your competition, why wouldn’t you start taking them? What an opportunity!

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Social Media: A Marketing Minefield

Senior Account Manager Megan Braverman discusses the benefits and risks of using social media.

“Using social media is a terrific marketing opportunity available to all professionals. However, social networking can be a marketing minefield for companies exposing them to a variety of risks – to sharing confidential information, and copyright infringement, just to name a few.”

Watch Megan discuss the benefits and risks of social media.

Recent Berbay Marketing & PR Projects

  • For a professional services firm, we presented “LinkedIn: Taking Your Profile to the Next Level.” Please contact us to learn more.
  • For an attorney who recently authored a book in her area of expertise, we obtained broadcast, print and online media opportunities, including CBS/KCAL9, LA Family and Consumer Reports.
  • For a professional association’s annual conference, we obtained media coverage in highly regarded industry publications.
  • For a professional marketing to lawyers, we scheduled a series of MCLE presentations in law firms.



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