Video Transcript: Summer Vernon Discusses Social Media Marketing

Hi, my name is Summer Vernon, assistant account manager with the public relations agency Berbay Marketing & PR Many of our law firm PR and other clients ask if lawyers and other professionals successfully use social media in their legal marketing (or financial services marketing, real estate marketing, A/E/C marketing, etc.). The answer is yes: Social media has proven to be an effective tool in marketing for professional services. Social-media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook can be used to build your professional network and position yourself as an expert in your practice areas. LinkedIn can be used for business to business PR, to connect with colleagues and to obtain recommendations from those that can vouch for your work; this gives you third-party credibility and can be a great way to showcase your experience. With Facebook, you can stay in front of your peers by posting relevant status updates and keeping your contacts informed on the latest news and trends in your industry.

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