Video Transcript: Sharon Discusses Marketing on Many Levels

At Berbay, we help our PR/marketing services clients market on multiple levels. For example, some professional services marketing projects can be started and completed quickly. Then there are those that have more moving parts. To provide effective public relations services, we need to be thinking about both at the same time. There’s urgent versus important. Urgent is getting a press release out right away. Important is updating your contact-management database, which might take longer. Then there’s your personal marketing for professional services versus your broad-base marketing for professional services. Personal legal marketing, for instance, is reaching out to your firm’s prospective clients via networking, lunches, personal e-mails—but you also have to remind people that you’re around on a broader-base basis using direct mail, e-mail or leveraging social media. At Berbay, we help our law firm clients market on multiple levels at the same time. I’m Sharon Berman, principal of Berbay Corporation. We’re a Los Angeles marketing company and public relations agency specializing in law firm marketing and other professional services marketing.

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