Video Transcript: Megan Discusses Public Relations for Professional Services

Hi, I’m Megan Braverman, an account manager at the professional services marketing firm Berbay Marketing & PR One of our legal marketing clients recently asked me what is a common question for those seeking public relations services: “How do I get quoted in the media?” My first tip to anybody, whether they’re interested in law firm marketing, marketing for real estate companies, public relations for financial services, A/E/C marketing or business to business PR, is to develop a targeted media list based on the topic you’ll be sending them. Topics can include forecasts, trends or noteworthy matters you’ve recently handled. Make sure to include the reporter’s beat on the list: Reporters and editors don’t like it when you send them something that is not related to the topic they cover. When you speak with the media, remind them that you’re available for additional information if they need it. Also, remind them that you’re available as a resource for other topics as well. And, lastly, continue to brainstorm topics to pitch the media. If you stay on their radar screen, they will likely reach out to you as a resource in the future.

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