Video Transcript: Beth Discusses Marketing Your Blog to Professionals

Hi, I’m Beth Miller, senior account manager at the Los Angeles based public relations firm Berbay Marketing & PR Our law firm marketing, financial services marketing, real estate marketing, A/E/C marketing and B-to-B marketing clients all often ask how they can get more people to read their blogs, and there are a few key tactics. First, if you’re just launching the blog, a cost-effective method of getting the word out is sending an email announcement to your firm database. Also, include a link to your blog on your firm’s website (and vice-versa), and include it in your e-mail signature. Be sure you’re regularly adding content to the blog to keep it fresh and provide up-to-date information. Also, don’t ignore your readers; address your comments section. And as you’re posting new blogs, announce them to social-media outlets such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and others. Ideally, you’ll want to read other industry blogs and comment there as well—and include a link back your blog. Keep at it; increased visitors don’t happen overnight.

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