Upcoming Webinar! Lawyering and Life Balance: Can They Co-Exist?

With the competing professional and personal demands on a lawyer’s time, can there be such a thing as life balance? Yes, there can. Learn how in our next webinar featuring Organic Communication’s Principals Lee Broekman and Judith Gordon, authors of Successful (Happy) Lawyering: Increase Your Bottom Line and Well-Being, One Insight at a Time.

In our complimentary webinar on Thursday, February 25, 2016, Judith and Lee will join Principal Sharon Berman to explore how lawyers can move closer to balance. They will discuss:

  • What the latest brain science research means to lawyers seeking fulfillment.
  • What you may be doing now that can trip you up.
  • The immediate steps you can take to get on a more productive and profitable pathway.

Organic Communication’s works with lawyers to achieve the balance that fosters professional and personal satisfaction.

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