Berbay Newsletter – Transitioning from Service Partner to Rainmaker

Webinar: How to Move from Service Partner to Rainmaker

Presented by Sharon Berman
Principal, Berbay Marketing & PR

Are you a well-respected service partner living in the shadow of a rainmaker? Do you want to originate more business on your own?

If you want to create your own spotlight, then join me for this thought-provoking webinar: “Moving from Service Partner to Rainmaker.”

We’ll discuss:

  • Gaining buy-in and support from the current rainmakers.
  • Creating a brand that showcases and differentiates you.
  • Identifying market gaps that point to opportunity.
  • Developing a realistic and actionable plan to move forward.

Cost: Complimentary

When: Thursday, September 20

Time: 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Register today.

Transitioning from Service Partner to Rainmaker

By: Sharon Berman
Published: The Recorder

Many an attorney has built a successful career as a service partner, a highly skilled partner who performs the work in a specific practice area that is brought in by others in the firm. This person may also be a new partner who is given the title and told that while it would be nice if he developed some business, his main focus should be to complete the work that the rainmakers generate. The service partner may not be the lead person in terms of the client relationship, but he regularly communicates with the client and has a significant hand in keeping the client happy.

Over time, however, some individuals in this position decide they’d like to grow beyond their current roles. Additionally, in this economy, without business of their own, service partners are more vulnerable than ever, which provides an even greater impetus to expand.

Want to learn how to move from service partner to rainmaker?

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