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You have a LinkedIn profile. Now what?

By Sharon Berman
Published: The Los Angeles Daily Journal
If you’re like many of your peers, you know someone who already has a profile on LinkedIn, the social networking site geared toward professionals. You may even have a LinkedIn profile, but are wondering how to use LinkedIn as a rainmaking tool.LinkedInThe purpose of social professional networking sites, such as LinkedIn, is no different than any other kind of professional networking: It’s to build long-lasting relationships.You’re looking to identify and connect with those people whom it makes sense to build a relationship with, but who may not be within your existing circle of professional contacts. You can expand your network of contacts by pinpointing those people in your existing circle who are also in the network of someone you’d like to get to know further.

While marketing may be about relationships, it’s also a numbers game. You have to cull through many potential contacts to find the ones with a real and potentially profitable fit. Leveraging your existing network’s network of contacts on LinkedIn exponentially increases the number of potential business contacts you can have and develop.

Social networking is not a magic marketing bullet. It’s another element in the mix of tactics you want to consider for your marketing, such as your website, speaking, writing, etc. However, like other tactics, you’ll need to decide where it fits in your strategic priorities, and how much time to devote to it. Now is the time to explore its potential, and plant your social networking flag.

What can you do with LinkedIn?

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10 Best Practices for LinkedIn
Social networking can be an effective marketing tactic, but how you use it makes all the difference in the results you get. Here are 10 Best Practices for success on LinkedIn:1) Complete Your Profile – The more information you put in your profile, the more searchable your profile becomes.2) Choose Your Words Wisely – Fill your profile with action-oriented, searchable words. Consider the people you are trying to reach, and fill your profile with words you think they might do a search on.

3) Update Your Profile Frequently – Keeping your profile “fresh” helps to inform your network, as well as make you more searchable. Consider updating your “status” with your current projects, presentations and articles.

4) Customize Your Account – LinkedIn offers a variety of ways to personalize your profile and make you more searchable. Upload a headshot and customize your URL so it says www.linkedin.com/in/yourname, instead of the automatically generated numbers LinkedIn gives you.

5) Network Judiciously – Don’t accept everyone into your network. Choose your contacts based on your willingness to introduce them to other people.

6) Be an Expert – Sharing knowledge is one of the hallmarks of social networking. Consider answering questions in the Answers section and asking questions of your own network.

7) Join and Participate in Groups – Group participation shows your commitment and dedication. Join groups which interest you and can increase your visibility.

8 ) Create a Group – Identify a niche which interests you and launch a group. Managing a group reinforces your credibility in that field.

9) Understand Privacy Levels – Social networking sites are designed to be open, allowing everyone to view your projects and connections. However, if you’d like your profile to be private to non-connections, edit your settings when creating your profile.

10) Beware of Ethical Issues – Handle social networking as you would all networking. Don’t give legal advice and keep all confidential work off of social networking websites.

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