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Increase attendance at in-house seminar
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The Practice Group held a regular in-house seminar for clients and prospective clients. Their goal for an upcoming seminar was to increase attendance. We worked with their team to develop and implement a program focusing on boosting attendance using a tailored personalization strategy. We segmented target invitation lists, grouping them based on the attorney who had a relationship with the invitee. Each invitation had a handwritten note signed by the relationship “holder,” or with the signature of the partner-in-charge. This was preceded and followed up by email invitations and phone calls, again segmented by relationship.
The law firm reaped benefits from the following:

  • Enhanced quality of attendees – Not only did the number of attendees increase, but the percentage of “A-list” clients and prospective clients also increased.
  • Reinforced relationships — The personalization of the entire list reinforced relationships, even with those who could not attend.
  • Highlighted credibility– The personalization attracted attention and enhanced top-of-mind awareness of the firm’s expertise. This was augmented by a personalized follow-up letter to those who could not attend offering the presentation materials.
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