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How to Be an Effective Panelist

Microsites: Leveraging Your Website Biography to Market Your Expertise

Get Noticed By Corporate Counsel

Upcoming Webinar: Moving from Service Partner to Rainmaker

Accelerate Your Marketing

Get Noticed By Corporate Counsel

If you market to corporate counsel, there is no better way to demonstrate your expertise than by giving MCLE-accredited presentations to in-house legal departments.

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Upcoming Webinar

Moving from Service Partner to Rainmaker

Presented by, Sharon Berman, Berbay Marketing & PR

Are you a well-respected service partner living in the shadow of a rainmaker? Do you want to originate more business on your own?

If you want to create your own spotlight, then join me for this complimentary webinar: “Moving from Service Partner to Rainmaker.”

We’ll discuss:

–Gaining buy-in and support from current rainmakers.

–Exploring options for creating your own brand.

–Igniting your passion for marketing.

–Developing a plan to move forward.

Who: Presented by Sharon Berman, Principal of Berbay Marketing & PR

When: Thursday, September 20

Time: 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. PST

Cost: Complimentary

RSVP: Please use this link to RSVP

Accelerate Your Marketing

By: Sharon Berman
Published: The Recorder

As humans, we need to break down time into manageable chunks and create milestones that give us a chance to reinvigorate ourselves and start afresh. January 1 tops the list of these “blank slate” benchmarks. For professionals this can also mean creating a new annual marketing plan.

While I’ve grown up in business thinking in terms of an annual marketing plan, I’m not certain that continues to make sense. Business and product life cycles are so fast now that planning for a full year really doesn’t work. Consider how seemingly only yesterday, Nokia was the most recognized cellphone brand and BlackBerry was the coolest phone. Yet both companies are now fighting to stay in business. Flip Video’s heyday endured, it seems, about six months, and then production ceased. Undoubtedly, a yearlong marketing plan would not have benefited those companies.

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How to Be an Effective Panelist

By: Sharon Berman
Published: The Recorder

Two years ago, I attended a professionals’ signature event that featured a panel of sophisticated experts including lawyers. While the event was well-attended, and offered good networking, the panel presentation itself was a wasted business development opportunity for each member. You could not hear the panelists, not so much because of the less than desirable audio quality, but because each person seemed to be talking to himself. The PowerPoint slides were packed with practically illegible graphs.

I thought that this ineffective panel presentation was an aberration. Surely, the organization hosting the event would get it right the following year; however, this year, nothing had changed. To make it worse, the moderator – who had flown across the country to facilitate this event – could not be heard.

Participating on a panel, a conference or another organization’s event is a terrific way to highlight your expertise. You can claim your share of the spotlight, but don’t have the pressure of having to hold an audience’s attention for an extended length of time. However, divvying up the burden makes panel participation look deceptively easy. Many a seasoned professional has fallen into the trap of thinking she can wing it. On the contrary, like any effective business development tactic, it takes preparation.

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Download a printable PDF of How to Be an Effective Panelist.

Microsites: Leveraging Your Website Biography to Market Your Expertise

A microsite is a mini-website (one or several pages) that exists within your larger website. Microsites contain more information about a specific subject than the overall site and can contribute to higher search engine rankings on particular keywords.

Increasingly, professionals are transforming their one-page website biography into a microsite. For example, the main biographical page may include a summary with additional tabs for representative successes, publications, speaking engagements, etc.

Account Manager Erica Hess explains how to leverage your website biography to market your expertise.

Recent Berbay Marketing & PR Projects

  • We developed and implemented a pre- and post-conference marketing campaign for a client attending a key industry tradeshow.
  • For a law firm, we continued to obtain speaking opportunities in corporate legal departments.
  • We reignited a client’s website development process that had been stalled for nearly a year. The client is under contract to a major legal website provider.
  • For a professional services firm, we obtained interview opportunities with Real Estate Finance & Investment magazine and, as well as article opportunities with Chain Store Age, National Real Estate Investor magazine and Commercial Investment Real Estate magazine.
  • We obtained a keynote speaking opportunity for a client before a large commercial real estate development association.

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