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Facilitated a client’s in-depth submission for acceptance into a prestigious industry organization. We were pleased to learn of his selection into this exclusive group.

Positioned our client as an expert spokesperson on changes in renewable energy investment; obtained interview opportunities with Platts, SNL Energy, Power and Project Finance International as well as article opportunities with North American Windpower, Solar Industry and Energy Daily.

Successfully obtained media coverage for the opening of a boutique litigation firm in legal, business and trade publications, including an interview with Los Angeles Business Journal.

Generated opportunity for a podcast interview with a client’s target industry outlet; secured engagement to speak to the legal department at a leading gaming developer on a similar topic.

Holding a Press Conference

By Sharon Berman

Published: The Recorder

We live in a digital age that allows us to work with individuals from around the world. Yet, despite technological advances that enable us to share information virtually, there is still a need for law firms to hold live press conferences. Such events are important because they allow you and your firm to gather journalists from an array of media outlets, who can then disseminate your message immediately to a broad audience.

Holding a press conference signals that something is significant, timely and worth listening to right away. It’s also a way to attract additional plaintiffs to strengthen your hand. From the defense point of view, a press conference after a victory signals your success and your client’s vindication.

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5 Quick Tips for Speaking to the Media

  • Write down 3-5 key messages you want to communicate to the journalist.
  • There is no such thing as “off the record”.
  • Sound bites: Consider how you can express your message in a short, memorable way.
  • Offer to spell out your name and firm name.
  • Let the journalist know you are available as a future resource.

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