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The experts at Berbay Marketing & PR have decades of experience developing marketing strategies for law firms, real estate developers, financial advisors, accounting firms, other professional services firms, and business-to-business. Our industry-specific knowledge lets us hit the ground running to configure a powerful PR and marketing campaign tailored to your needs.

We know how to design a distinctive corporate identity and how to build credibility for your brand. Our public relations experts think creatively and innovatively to develop brand recognition and foster business growth. We use proven marketing and business public relations strategies to attract the most profitable clients to your business.

Our Los Angeles public relations and marketing firm was formed in 1995, so we have long-term experience creating effective marketing and public relations programs. We work as our clients’ outsourced marketing department. We can also provide support for your in-house marketing team, integrating our ideas and strategies with yours to create the most effective marketing plan for your business.

Whether you are an established firm wishing to refresh its marketing strategy, or an up-and-coming business in need of a comprehensive PR and marketing program, Berbay Marketing & PR will help create and implement the most dynamic plan of action. Our specialization in law firms, financial services firms, real estate companies, and other professional services providers and businesses-to-business PR marketers, gives us the edge in branding your business most effectively.

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