B2B – Manufacturing


B2B: Manufacturing

Manufacturing Company
Determining how to communicate key messages to employees.
Our Work:
The plant wanted to communicate the message of safety and quality to employees, but was stymied as to how to best get the messages across. We conducted market research including focus groups and surveys with plant employees on all shifts, as well as management, to pinpoint their perception of these concepts, and where and how they would be most receptive to these messages.
The manufacturing plant received value from the following:

  • Enhanced communication – Management was more targeted in how and where to deliver its messages.
  • Cost efficiencies – Effectively communicating the messages of safety and quality had the potential to decrease accidents and down time.
  • Team building – The process itself demonstrated that management was genuinely interested in employees’ beliefs, perceptions and wants, leading to a positive impact on the management/employee relationship.
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