Video Transcript: Gary S. Gray Explains Why the Firm Engaged Berbay Corp.

I’m Gary Gray.  I am the managing partner of Gray, Duffy which is a commercial litigation and insurance defense firm with offices in Encino and Redwood City, California.

We originally engaged Berbay based upon the needs of the office to both regiment and centralize our client development efforts.  We found that as a firm, we were floundering a bit and we needed some coaching and some direction and someone to assist us in developing the resources the firm would need to engage in client development on a firm-wide basis.

Berbay has moved us closer to what we’ve wanted to achieve in a number of ways.  Principally, they’ve kept us on task by having regular monthly meetings with agendas.  They’ve kept us focused on our objectives.   They’ve kept us on target with our newsletters.  They’ve kept us involved in writing articles and getting our firm name out, both in the legal community and the public at large.

I would like others to know that Berbay is the kind of organization that is invested in their clients.  They care a great deal about your individual success and the success of the institution that they’re working and that they’re creative folks who are willing to do whatever they can to support your success and the things you want to accomplish.

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