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What You Need to Know About Marketing Your Practice in 2012

How to Garner Press Webinar

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How to Garner Press Webinar

Friday, March 9, 201210:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. PST

If you want the powerful credibility that comes with appearing in the media, then this action-oriented webinar is for you.  



Presented by business development specialist David Ackert, President, The Ackert Advisory, and public relations professional Sharon Berman, Principal, Berbay Marketing & PR, this webinar will teach you how to garner press.  

You will learn:

  • How to align your expertise with what attracts the media.
  • How to determine who to pitch your story to.
  • How to craft your pitch.
  • How to manage your own expectations.
  • How to leverage your press for new business.

Cost: Complimentary.

Sponsored by The Ackert Advisory and Berbay Marketing & PR, this webinar is presented at no charge to you; however, the number of available seats is limited.

Please register by March 7th.

To learn how to garner press, register here.



By: Sharon Berman

Published: The Recorder

You’ve heard it before.  “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”  When it comes to marketing your practice in 2012, some aspects of marketing, especially the tactical aspects, are continuing to change, while many fundamentals, such as the need to know who your market is, remain the same.  Social media – LinkedIn, blogs, Facebook, etc., – is growing in importance to a firm’s overall marketing strategy as a means to magnify traditional marketing tactics such as networking.  And, with the advent of these opportunities, marketing channels have become more integrated than ever. As we move into 2012, it is important then to understand how this wide array of tools works together so that you can effectively market your practice in the New Year.

Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing has always been the watchword, and continues to grow in importance.  Integrated marketing means each component reinforces the other – reinforcing your brand – ensuring that every piece has the same look and communicates the same message points. For instance, your hard copy marketing materials encourage your prospective clients to visit your website or related micro-sites, which are then linked to your social media profiles and blogs. Intertwined marketing provides more channels through which you can convey your messages, taking them even further and raising your visibility. Each time you post an article on your website, mention it on your blog, or even better yet, have it mentioned in someone else’s blog, for example, you are using online channels to make it known that you are a published, credible expert. Opportunities such as this that create greater visibility and demonstrate your expertise allow you to establish and enhance critical relationships, which are the core of your success.

Because today’s marketing efforts are intrinsically connected, there is always more to do. Perhaps you are considering updating your website. But that is just a starting point.   From there, you want to think about how you can expand. Perhaps you plan to write a blog, post more frequently to your blog, or post something on a regular basis to your LinkedIn profile or Facebook page.

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Litigation Public Relations

For more than 16 years, we’ve been working with attorneys to    manage litigation-related media. Some of our recent projects    include:

  • Obtaining national media attention around a dispute pitting artists against a well-known corporation.
  • Conducting press conferences related to high profile investigations.
  • Garnering national press for a lawsuit concerning a defective medical product.

To discuss your current matter, please contact us at litigationpr@berbay.com or 310/405-7345.



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