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The Lead Generation Pipeline

Would You Like to Give MCLE Presentations to Law Firms?

Would You Like to Give MCLE Presentations to Law Firms?
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–Drafting and developing a presentation abstract.

–Developing a targeted list of law firms to contact and distributing abstract to decision-makers.

–Making multiple follow- ups, as necessary.

–Confirming the presentation.

–Assisting and facilitating with presentation development.

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The Lead Generation Pipeline: Nurturing Prospective Clients Will Pay Off Later

By: Sharon Berman
Published: The Bottom Line – Publication of the State Bar of California Law Practice Management & Technology Section

It is a basic tenet of professional services marketing: the first step toward generating new business is establishing a qualified lead − a prospective client who fits within the parameters of the services you provide.

While it is great to receive an inquiry from a qualified prospect who ultimately gives you a signed agreement with payment, it does not always turn out this way. This does not mean that the lead should be dropped or discarded. Every inquiry has the potential to become a valuable future client if you remain on the prospect’s radar screen. To do this, you need to develop a “lead pipeline” by focusing on three areas: capturing the lead information, keeping it in the pipeline and nurturing the lead along the road to becoming a client.

Capturing the lead and making sure it is in your database is the first part of the pipeline process. If you do not get the lead in the pipeline, there is no way to build on it. Firms have a tendency to only put information for clients or referral sources in their contact database. By not including others who indicate interest, you are overlooking a large number of prospective clients.

You may have read statistics that state it takes anywhere from 10-24 “touches” to convert an inquiry into a client. Most professionals give up on a lead after three or four unsuccessful touches; however, by making use of your database you can continue to maintain contact with potential clients in your pipeline whose needs change over time. In the world of marketing, you never know when one of your touches will capture the attention of a prospect with a need for your services.

Another important aspect of developing a lead pipeline is that of preventing vital contact information from “leaking.” Imagine getting several calls as a result of your e-newsletter. For whatever reason, these callers aren’t on your existing e-newsletter distribution list, but they fit your client profile. One of your professionals might speak with a lead without getting the contact information. Or your colleague obtains the information, but does not get it into your system. The opportunity to showcase your expertise and build on this lead has just been lost.

Firms can prevent scenarios like this from happening by simply tightening up leakages. Developing a systematic process can prevent such information from being lost and is one way to solve leakage problems. This includes educating everyone at the firm about the importance of making sure that contact information and the source does not leak out of the system.

To calculate the real lead conversion rate, you must track the number of prospects who contact you and the number of prospects who become clients. This way, you know how many qualified leads you need to generate in order to “land” one client. Most professionals do not convert everyone they get in front of − even if they think they do.

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