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By: Sharon Berman,
Published: Rain TodayDoes the term “multilevel marketing” conjure up images of people signing up their friends and relatives to sell cosmetics, jewelry, vitamins and household gear, with all the money flowing toward the top of a pyramid? If so, you will probably cringe if I suggest you become a multilevel marketer. But there is another definition of multilevel marketing that is much more relevant to professionals. It means marketing your services on multiple levels, concurrently in several realms.

Why is it necessary to do that? One reason is that marketing at multiple levels sustains your pipeline so you don’t run out of work. Because it can take a long time to convert a lead into a client, it’s important to keep prospects moving into and along the pipeline while you’re satisfying existing clients. A second reason for marketing at several levels is that marketing is a numbers game. Since an empty pipeline usually leads to panic-driven, poorly planned marketing efforts, it’s vital to generate leads continually to feed your pipeline. A third reason for marketing at multiple levels concurrently is that some business development projects take longer than others, and some are more important than others, but they all need to get done.

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Recent Berbay Marketing & PR Projects

Berbay works with professional services firms to increase their visibility, reinforce their credibility and generate leads. Our recent work includes:

  • Producing videos for a personal injury and medical malpratice law firm’s website.
  • Revamping a real estate firm’s website including rewriting copy and managing the redesign.
  • Drafting nomination submissions for the upcoming Chambers & Partners California deadline at the end of June.
  • Giving a presentation to a financial services organization on how to best use LinkedIn and other social media for business development.

Did You Know…

  • Facebook is on the verge of becoming the largest display advertiser in the U.S. and will soon pass Yahoo.
  • Text messaging usage is expected to decrease by 20 percent over the next two years.
  • The New York Post blocked iPad users from their website in order to increase the newspaper’s paid iPad application.
  • The average income of users on LinkedIn is $150,000; making it the ‘richest’ social network.
  • 57 million adults read internet blogs.
  • A new iPhone accessory measures and tracks blood pressure called Withings Blood Pressure Monitor.

Does Your Firm’s Website “Refresh” Need a Push

You know your firm’s website needs a refresh or update, but who has time? Even with the best of intentions, these projects get stalled.

Let us help you get it done. We will work with you to:

  • Update and expand your current website copy to showcase your firm’s successes.
  • Add depth to your website copy to optimize your search engine rankings.
  • Review and enhance your website design and/or navigation.
  • Oversee your approved changes and make sure they’re implemented.
  • Manage a website redesign, if needed.
  • Keep your website up-to-date going forward.

We can work with your website designer/programming team or we have a crackerjack team of our own. We also work with firms who have websites through FindLaw or Lexis Nexis.

If you’d like your website to fully reflect your firm’s expertise and experience, please contact us at berman@berbay.com or 310/405-7345 today.

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