2011 – Issue 01: Where to Put Your Marketing Dollars Now–PR Services, Social Media, Websites,Online Advertising–Attention Atorneys, CPAs, Real Estate & Finance Professionals

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Where to Put Your Marketing Dollars Now

What to Write About Now: Developing Article Topics

Recent Berbay Marketing & PR Projects

Berbay Exhibits at GLA-ALA Employment Law Forum

Recent Berbay Marketing & PR Projects

— Facilitated 2011 marketing strategy meeting for professional services firm.

— Developed innovative direct mail piece for a law firm.

— Obtained speaking engagements for a law firm.

— Created a hard copy and email announcement for a CPA firm.

— Worked with a law firm to increase likelihood of obtaining targeted firm rankings.

— Created and maintained LinkedIn and Facebook pages for professional services firms.

Berbay Exhibits at GLA-ALA Employment Law Forum

For the sixth year in a row, Berbay Marketing & PR exhibited at the Greater Los Angeles Association of Legal Administrators (GLA-ALA) Employment Law Forum on January 22nd.

Read about how to get the most out of exhibiting at conferences here.


By: Sharon Berman
Published: The Recorder

As time and money are never plentiful, getting a good return on your marketing investment is always a challenge, regardless of economic conditions. Given today’s plethora of ways to market, including vehicles that didn’t exist several years ago – it’s even trickier to allocate your marketing dollars wisely.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the fact that optimum marketing depends on not just one technique – rather it’s a mix of tactics, which is referred to as the “marketing mix.” The tactics in the mix range from your website to speaking engagements, e-newsletters, published articles, search engine optimization (SEO), and many others. No scientific formula exists for determining your marketing mix. It varies from firm to firm, practice area to practice area, and from year to year. Therefore, establishing the most effective mix for your firm is a matter of continually identifying the activities that will obtain the desired results in your target market. So, given the ever-expanding range of choices, where should you be investing your marketing dollars now? Consider the following factors as you evaluate your options.

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What to Write About Now: Developing Article Topics

Many of our professional services clients recognize the power of publishing a bylined article – an article authored by them rather than being written by a reporter – but they can’t think of a subject to write about. The problem is that, as professionals, they know everything about their specialties, so they jettison many good article ideas believing that their audience is equally enlightened on the topic. However, in most instances that’s not the case. Here are our tips for developing topics of interest:

— First, take two figurative steps back from everything you know. As you go through your day, do your work and talk with clients and prospects, take mental notes of the concerns and problems they bring to you. As soon as possible, write down any observations that might make an interesting article.

— Consider the most common questions that clients and prospects ask you. While those questions have probably become routine, addressing them can make an interesting article.

— Are there situations or issues that have come up twice or more in the last few months – something new or with a new twist? If so, what you’re seeing is most likely the start of a trend that will grow. Identifying trends early gives you the opportunity to be the first to discuss a unique or new issue.

— Next time you’re sitting in traffic, think about the business-related problems you’re trying to solve, questions that clients have asked, new situations you’ve seen. What we call “traffic thoughts” can make great material for articles. Have a pen and paper at hand or a voice recorder so you don’t lose the idea by the time you arrive home.

Remember, professional services professionals market by sharing their expertise and experience. Bylined articles are one of the most powerful vehicles for doing just that.


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