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How to Create the Best Conference Exhibit

Berbay Marketing & PR Presents Encore Session on Social Networking to Cal Society of CPAs

Facebook Can Be a Great Marketing Tool

How to Make LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter Work for Your Firm

What We Can Do for You Now

Berbay Marketing & PR to Present Encore Session on Social Networking to Cal Society of CPAs

Berbay Account Managers Megan Braverman and Lauren Shore will present an encore session on Social Networking to the California Society of CPAs discussion groups. The presentations review social networking options and how CPAs can effectively incorporate this tactic into their marketing programs.

If your firm or organization is interested in this presentation, or one on another marketing/public relations topic, please contact Megan at megan@berbay.com

Make LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter Work for Your Firm

Still not sure how social media can work for your firm?

Do you have a “ghost” LinkedIn profile – name and serial number – but know you need more?

Let Berbay get your firm up and running with social media.
We can:

–Educate your professionals about the why’s and how’s of social networking: blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

–Create, complete and update your LinkedIn profile.

–Create, complete and update a Facebook page for you or your firm.

To get started, please contact Sharon Berman at berman@berbay.com


By: Sharon Berman
Published: Rain Today

Demonstrating expertise and industry knowledge by speaking at conferences and trade shows has long been an effective marketing tactic for professionals and attorneys. Now, savvy professional services firms are recognizing that exhibiting at these events-with or without a speaking engagement-can be a worthwhile marketing tactic in and of itself. However, to be successful, “exhibiting” has to mean more than just putting out firm brochures on a table.

Exhibiting at conferences and trade shows still meets with resistance in quite a few firms, which think of it as unprofessional. But, as with most marketing activities, it’s not the tactic that is either professional or unprofessional; it’s how it is executed that determines whether it’s classy or tacky and, more important, whether the effort brings rewards.

This article is the first in a two-part series of dos and don’ts for exhibiting at conferences and trade shows. It focuses on the initial research to make your investment worthwhile. The second article will delve into setting up a booth with signage, materials, and manpower; “working” the conference; following up on leads; and other marketing strategies.

Why Exhibit?

Exhibiting at a conference or trade show involves an investment of both time and money, with time being the most expensive aspect. So, why bother? A primary reason is the lead generation potential. There are still relatively few professional services firms that host booths, even at events for their target industries. Taking a second look at these shows presents a valuable opportunity because in today’s world it’s difficult to find venues not yet infiltrated and saturated by lawyers, CPAs, and other professionals. Even when firms sponsor conferences or provide speakers at these events, their display booths, if any, are often just an afterthought and not leveraged to their full potential.

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Please look for Part 2 in our next newsletter.

We Can Do This For You

Here’s what we’re working on now for our clients. Let us do the same for you.

  • Meeting with industry reporters to further drive our clients’ visibility.
  • Enhancing clients’ websites with expanded navigation, updated biographies, firm descriptions, successes and news.
  • Advocating for our clients’ inclusion on targeted professional rankings.
  • Launching a blog and consistently posting fresh material.
  • Creating marketing materials for use at major industry conferences.
  • Creating short, informative videos for clients’ websites.


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