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Make Sure Your Marketing Campaign Isn’t a Flop

Thomson Reuters Purchases Super Lawyers

2010 Crocker Symposium

Berbay Marketing & PR Exhibits at GLA- and OC-ALA

Thomson Reuters Purchases Super Lawyers

Thomson Reuters has bought the attorney rating system Super Lawyers (superlawyers.com).

Minnesota Law & Politics, the publication that gave birth to Super Lawyers, was not included in the sale, and is ceasing publication.

Crocker Symposium March 23rd – LA Convention Center

Presented by The Real Property Section of the Los Angeles County Bar Association and The Richard S. Ziman Center for Real Estate at UCLA, the 2010 Benjamin S. Crocker Symposium for Real Estate Law and Business will provide a mix of in-depth information, creative and practical analysis of real estate challenges, networking opportunities and a range of diverse points of view on legal and business knowledge.

For the third consecutive year, Berbay Marketing & PR is handling the public relations.

For more information or to register, visit: crockersymposium.com


By: Sharon Berman
Published: Rain Today

How do you know if your marketing is working?

That is one of the fundamental questions professional services marketers ask themselves–and is asked even more often by their management. The only way to know is to measure your marketing results, and that has proven notoriously difficult in the field of professional services.

One reason behind this difficulty is the absence of immediate results in many aspects of service marketing. In this context, marketing is usually a long-term effort, so you may not know the results of a marketing strategy for several months or more. Say you publish a bylined article in a professional journal, and no one calls to learn more about your services. From a short-term perspective you might consider the article a marketing failure, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the tactic is ineffective in the long term. Often a firm will receive an inquiry months after an article appears, especially given the shelf life of content on the Internet.

Some marketing tactics appear more straightforward to measure than others. For example, you launch a direct mail campaign (yes, direct mail can still be effective), and after the first mailing you receive three phone calls from qualified prospects. You now have a concrete measurement of three leads. But does that mean this approach is working?

Continue reading How to Make Sure Your Marketing Campaign Isn’t a Flop to find out how to evaluate if your approach is working.

Download a printable PDF of How to Make Sure Your Marketing Campaign Isn’t a Flop.

Berbay Marketing & PR Exhibits at Greater Los Angeles and Orange County Associations of Legal Administrators

Berbay Marketing & PR exhibited at the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators 2010 Annual Employment Law Forum for its fifth consecutive year, as well as at the Orange County Chapter Annual Chapter Education Summit.

Berbay Marketing & PR is an ongoing supporter of the Association of Legal Administrators, an association that strives to improve the quality of management in legal services organizations, and to promote and enhance the competence and professionalism of legal administrators. Sharon Berman, principal of Berbay Marketing & PR, regularly contributes marketing articles to the official GLAALA publication.


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