2009 – Issue 05: Competing with a Larger Firm- Online Marketing Helps Attorneys, CPA's, Real Estate, Engineering and other Professionals

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Competing with a Larger Firm: How the web levels the playing field

Marketplace Trends

Social Media for Your Firm

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Marketplace Trends

For the first time in three years, controlling spending on outside counsel has returned as the top priority for in-house counsel, topping compliance concerns: 2009 ACC/Serengeti Managing Outside Counsel Survey.

Does your firm want to learn about social media and networking?

Does your firm or organization want to learn more about social networking? Berbay account managers Megan Braverman and Maggie Lukaszewicz recently gave a well-received presentation, “Social Media: Bridging the Networking GAAP,” to the California Society of CPAs’ Industry Section. They’d be pleased to talk with you about presenting it to your firm or group. You can contact them at maggie@berbay.com or megan@berbay.com.


By: Sharon Berman
Published: Rain Today

Until recently, professional services firms of different sizes marketed on an uneven playing field. Larger firms held the high ground and had the advantage. Fortunately, the Web has lowered the barriers to entry so that smaller firms can now promote their services as successfully as large brand-name firms. For a relatively low investment, smaller firms can expand their presence and reach desirable clients as effectively as those that have larger wallets. Seizing turf is as simple as taking advantage of the tools the Web has to offer, but it does take a willingness to learn the tools and apply them.

It’s Not the Money

When it comes to marketing, smaller firms have traditionally believed that money is what distinguishes them from their larger counterparts, but that’s not always the case. Rather, the difference lies in a firm’s vision, its ability to recognize opportunities and seize market share, and its marketing focus. In today’s world, dollars don’t have to be a roadblock to communicating that you’re a firm that has talent and substance.

Just because a firm can afford an in-house marketing director or department, it does not mean it has the advantage. Every marketing department in the country is stretched to the limit trying to cover too many bases. If you’re a boutique firm with a niche, you may even have an edge because your big-firm colleague may not get attention from the marketing department and doesn’t have the control you have to tailor and target marketing vehicles.

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Berbay Marketing & PR Launches Blog

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