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In this issue: 2009-03 July 2009
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With the Year Half Over, It’s Time to Get Yourself Organized

By Sharon Berman
Published: The Los Angeles Daily Journal
With only six months left in 2009, is it too late to maximize your business development results for this year? Not if you leverage the remaining months by becoming organized and systematic in your marketing methodology. Not only will it make a difference this year, but your efforts today will put you on track for 2010. Is there really any alternative? Continue your haphazard marketing and you’re likely to miss out on a lot of potential business.SystemizeTime and again professionals say that while they market – have lunches, network and more – they would like to get their efforts better organized and more productive. What they mean is that they want to systematize what they’re already doing in order to increase the return on the time they invest. Haphazard marketing may be adequate when business is plentiful and money flows freely, but tougher economic times call for more efficiency. Casual marketing is inefficient in any economic climate, but the waste is magnified when everyone is watching their pennies and the results they bring (or don’t).So where do you begin systematizing your marketing? Most of the professionals who express a desire for better organization have already built some momentum, which makes it easier to ramp up and improve outcomes. You can, however, also start from a standing position, and create momentum quickly. Either way, the foundation of the process is evaluation and assessment.

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10 Steps to Systemize Your Marketing
1) Get Into Action.Get your arms around your calendar. Now is the time to get into action with a systematized plan.2) Update Your Database.Add, update and delete contacts information for referral sources, colleagues, and prospective clients, current and former clients.3) Prioritize Your Contacts. Develop a list of the contacts you want “touch” regularly, then code them according to frequency of contact.4) Design Your System. Decide how many contacts you will “touch” each week, how often you will update your blog, etc.

5) Set Realistic Goals. Determine what you can realistically accomplish within a set time frame, and get it on your calendar. If you  know what and when, the probability of putting it into action is more likely.

6) Organize Your Files. Know where your pertinent files are so that you’re able to find your marketing-related information quickly when talking to a contact.

7) Delegate, Delegate, Delegate. In order to broaden your system and make your marketing more profitable, assign tasks to assistants, associates, etc. Be clear with the task you are assigning.

8 ) Think Strategically. Be strategic about your communication when talking with contacts. There’s a place for small talk, but you also need to communicate the kind of work you do, what you’re  working on, etc.

9) Be Consistent. Consistent marketing wins out over blockbuster marketing. Commit to a consistent program so that  you can keep in front of your target markets.

10) Roll Into Next Year. Systematizing your marketing this year builds a momentum for your marketing in 2010.

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