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By Sharon Berman
Published:The Los Angeles Daily Journal
In today’s marketplace, having a book of business can make all the difference between making the cut and losing one’s job. Professionals who, in the past, never thought much about building their own book of business are now realizing they need to set themselves apart from the crowd or face the possibility of joining their fungible peers on the unemployment line.MarketingA book of business is the foundation for differentiating yourself in the eyes of firm management. But the age-old question that has stymied even seasoned professionals is where to begin marketing your services. Resolving to take action is the first step, but what are the following steps that will get you where you want to go? First, you need a plan to guide you through the application of the core principles of marketing. These principles apply to everyone — professionals and partners established in firms who want to differentiate themselves, as well as those who didn’t make the cut and have vowed to do things differently in their next position.Start by answering some basic questions. First, what exactly are you going to market? Before you leap into action, ask your management for some direction, because your marketing initiative must support and contribute to the firm’s overall game plan. You may find that management wants you to market their core services or service line. Or, their strategy may be to expand and develop a burgeoning practice area, in which case they may encourage you to focus on this area.

Your next step is to identify your own strengths and interests so you can leverage them. If there are specific practice areas or specialties within a practice area that intrigue you, see how you can align these interests with your firm’s direction. If that’s not possible now, keep your eyes open for opportunities as the firm evolves.

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10 Steps to Jumpstart Your Own Book of Business
1) Decide to Differentiate. Commit to doing what it takes to differentiate yourself in the eyes of firm management, your clients, and in the marketplace.  It can make the difference between being invaluable or disposable in the workplace.2) Commit to Developing a Plan.Decide what you are going to market. Communicate with management so your marketing initiative supports the firm’s overall objectives.3) Identify Your Strengths. Decide what practice areas or specialties interest you the most, then see how you can align these interests with the firm’s direction.4) Define and Focus Your Target Markets. Decide if you will market directly to “end-users,” such as company presidents or consumers, or target referral sources, including CPAs, attorneys or other professionals.5) Identify Targets. Research where your target markets can be found and formulate a plan for approaching them. Use online tools, such as LinkedIn, as well as “off-line” sources.

6) Develop Your Database. Don’t underestimate the value of your databases, such as ACT! or Outlook. Organize clients, colleagues and other business contacts into categories, and code them according to frequency of desired contact.

7) Define Your Tactics. Evaluate a range of marketing tactics: direct mail, e-mail, speaking, writing, website, social networking, etc. Choose two or three tactics you can commit to.

8 ) Market to Your Level of Experience. Don’t expect to bring in the same kind of business as a senior associate or partner, if you have only been at the firm one year. But know that you may be able to introduce them to people they might not otherwise meet.

9) Track Results. It is important to capture as much data as possible so you know what’s working and what’s not.

10) Be Consistent.
Develop a means to communicate consistently with your database. Marketing is a numbers game, whether in the size of your market or the number of times you “touch” prospects. Keep those numbers up!

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