Americans spend 87 hours a month on their smartphones, and texting is by far the most-used function.  This stat should make every marketer’s ears perk up – including lawyers.

Although text message marketing hasn’t quite hit the mainstream in the legal industry, some experts are declaring it the next big thing. Being able to reach prospects and clients anytime, anywhere through their mobile devices is a huge opportunity for attorneys in many practice areas.

For lawyers who are working with limited marketing options, SMS could open a world of possibilities. If your firm is considering text message marketing, here are four reasons why you should take the plunge.

  1. It’s personal. Most people carry their phones with them everywhere, even sleeping next to them at night. Not only is it easier to reach people through their mobile devices, it also feels more intimate. Texting creates familiarity and trust with clients, and it opens a new channel of communication that lets them know you’re available when they need you.
  2. Bar associations are giving it the go-ahead. Lawyers are (rightfully) cautious about the ethical concerns that texting raises. But the Florida Bar recently decided that SMS is acceptable because it’s comparable to email and acknowledged that texting could be useful for people accused of crimes. Their decision points to a growing acceptance of the trend. Of course, it’s important to understand your state bar’s guidelines before you embark on a text message marketing campaign.
  3. It will help modernize the industry. Let’s face it: law firms tend to be a few steps behind other industries when it comes to technology and marketing. Most lawyers aren’t known for being risk-takers, either. Texting, on the other hand, is widely accepted, easy to use and relatively inexpensive. It isn’t a huge leap for most attorneys, and it’s a simple way for them to modernize their practice.
  4. It can be adapted to work for anyone. Although using SMS to market to leads may not be suitable for all practice areas, almost every attorney will find text messaging useful to schedule meetings and exchange nonconfidential information quickly and easily with clients. Texting is a part of daily life for virtually everyone with a phone, regardless of age, income or location. It’s how most of your clients are communicating anyway, so why not meet them where they are?