Fossil Fears Are Not Forever: Overcome Networking Anxiety Now
August 16, 2017
I have been to hundreds of networking meetings, and for years have smoothly made my way through countless rooms where I didn’t know a single person ...
Berbay Visits the Gamble House
March 24, 2017
As a part of our Cultural Camaraderie program, the Berbay team was fortunate to take a tour of the famous Gamble House. The three-story home in Pasade...
Build Connections and Move Prospect Relationships Along
December 6, 2016
Building relationships and connections takes time. Many lawyers, CPAs and other professionals are unrealistic about how quickly they can win new or ad...
What I Learned at Berbay
September 28, 2016
Over the duration of my PR internship with Berbay Marketing & Public Relations, I was never asked to get anybody coffee or pick up dry cleaning. O...
Broad Museum
Berbay Visits The Broad Museum
September 6, 2016
The Broad museum in Downtown Los Angeles is a building that showcases artwork, while the architecture itself doubles as a work of art. The “veil-and...
The Social Media Trends You Need to Know About Now
August 23, 2016
Many people think of themselves as social media masters, but without learning about the latest social media trends, no one can hold onto that title fo...
Prospects Not Biting? It Could Be Your Email Subject Lines
August 16, 2016
Are your email open rates underwhelming? If so, it probably has something to do with your email subject lines. At first glance, writing subject lines ...
The Art of Working with the Media Involves Plenty of Work
August 12, 2016
Public relations professionals ardently wish that PR were more science than art so that it could be easily predicted. The truth is, though, that PR is...
The Latest Platforms Aren’t Just Shoes! (Try These on for Size)
August 8, 2016
In the article, “Is It Time to Try a New Social Media Platform?” the answer is yes and no.  You need to gauge how well your current platforms are...
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