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Fresno is the financial, industrial, trade and commercial capital of California’s Central San Joaquin Valley. It’s the hub of a region rich in heritage resources and people, and is composed of a diverse mixture of industries, businesses, agencies and institutions. Two of Fresno’s top employers of 2014, Ruiz Foods Inc, and Wawona Frozen Foods are in the food industry (Fresno 2014 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report). Several other top employers of the same year were in the healthcare industry, including Community Medical Centers, Kaiser Permanente, Saint Agnes Medical Center and Clovis Community Medical Center. The unincorporated region and cities neighboring Fresno continue to be consistently linked to large-scale agricultural production, most of which is irrigated by the Kings River, which is located south of the city.

If your firm or business wants to take advantage of this city’s strong economic growth, we can help market your services to the residents of the Fresno area. When it comes to Fresno marketing, local businesses count on Berbay Marketing & PR for public relations, marketing material, advertising, online marketing, speaking engagements, nominations, rankings and website development.

The city’s population was 509,924 as of 2013 (up by about 13,000 people since 2010), according to the U.S. Census Bureau, making it the fifth largest city in California, the largest inland city in the state and the 34th largest in the nation. There were 33,054 businesses in Fresno at the bureau’s last count in 2007. The median household income is about $42,000.

Fresno is about 200 miles north of Los Angeles and 170 miles south of Sacramento. Its location, close to the geographical center of California, puts the city a comfortable distance from several of the major recreation areas and urban centers in the state.

  • Located at the junction of Highways 41 and 99, Fresno is a major gateway for Yosemite visitors coming from Los Angeles.
  • The city also acts as an entrance into Sierra National Forest via highway 168 and Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks via Highway 180.

A city is in the midst of a robust economic expansion, Fresno’s economic recovery is outpacing much of the rest of the country. Factors indicating a brighter economy for Fresno include,

  • Fresno will be at the center of the largest public works project in the country’s history, the construction of the $68 billion California bullet train. Transportation-related construction should be a major driver of the Fresno economy for years to come.
  • Increasing costs of doing business and living in California’s coastal cities should result in businesses seeking lower cost alternatives in the Fresno area.
  • Investors from other parts of California see current value and future growth in Fresno and are investing in the area. Highpoint Capital Group, a Los Angeles-based private real estate firm, purchased three high-profile shopping centers and announced plans to renovate them. SunPac Financial will merge with Fresno’s Security First Bank, expanding lending in the Fresno area.
  • Passage of the 2014 state water bond should help the area’s largest industry, agriculture.
  • According to Fresno County’s 2013 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy, tourism accounted for 8.4% of classified industry employment, with approximately 28,000 jobs.

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