A Desirable Experience in a Less Than Desirable Place

Author: Erica Feher | August 7, 2013

Going to the bank is usually a drag – There is always a line, you have to fill out paperwork and be patient while the teller processes your request. I have to give Wells Fargo props for going above and beyond to make what is usually a dreaded experience, one that I will remember and share with others.

From the moment I approached the line, I was immediately greeted by a smiling and friendly representative asking me how I was and offering me a bottle of water while I waited. When it was my turn to step up to the window, the gentleman who helped me was extremely friendly and talked to me while he processed my transaction. When the approval of the branch supervisor was needed, she came over and introduced herself as the new branch manager and said to contact her if I ever needed anything. When she looked at my ID and saw that I am from Nebraska, she told me a short story about a girl she traveled abroad with that was from Nebraska. I thought this was a great way to start a conversation and showed that she cared and was able to relate to some piece of my life. When I left the bank, it occurred to me that Wells Fargo has really stepped up their game over the past couple of years in terms of personalizing the guest experience.

They say that if you have a good experience, you tell no one, but if you have a bad one, you will tell 10 people. From a marketing standpoint, I think we should start sharing more of the positives.

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