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Whoever says there’s no such thing as bad press…doesn’t understand Litigation PR.

For more than 16 years, Berbay Marketing & PR has been working with attorneys to manage litigation-related media relations and results. Whether creating media visibility for a lawsuit filing, publicizing a trial or settlement or minimizing the media impact of a negative outcome, we have the experience and expertise necessary to successfully manage the process.


Berbay’s experience and expertise includes:

    • Crafting a pre-filing public relations strategy.
    • Developing media relations programs that support litigation strategy.
    • Identifying and capitalizing on newsworthy milestones.
    • Creating a unified “one voice” communication points plan.
    • Preparing litigators and litigants with communication techniques for effective media interaction.
    • Obtaining exposure in national and local broadcast, print and online media outlets.

Our work brings you value by:

    • Reinforcing your credibility through the media’s validation of you as a lawyer who handles newsworthy matters.
    • Employing the power of the court of public opinion.
    • Increasing your name recognition and boosting top-of-mind awareness so that when there is a need, you come to mind first.
    • Providing you with the opportunity to create your own news and insert yourself in the news stream.
    • Building continuous marketing momentum to generate leads.


For more information about how Berbay can help your firm create visibility and credibility, please contact us at litigationpr@berbay.com or 310/405-7345.

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