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September 2014 – Looking for Marketing Mojo Outside the Legal Industry

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Summer 2014 Newsletter: Rolling Out Your New, Improved Practice

You can’t reinvent law without reinventing law firm marketing and business development. And you can’t reinvent your marketing or practice without taking action; that is, executing. If you look, and more importantly, execute, you can identify overlooked business opportunities and capitalize on them while your competitors are still mulling them over. Continue Reading

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May 2014 Newsletter: How to Engage With Clients Now

When dozens of principals of independently owned public relations firms converged on Austin, Texas, for the conference of the Public Relations Society of America Counselors Academy, they talked about many issues: industry specialization, research in PR, and content generation, to name a few. Underlying all of those conversations, though was one question: how can we engage with clients now? Continue Reading

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March 2014 Newsletter: Pricing to Sell

Pricing is an integral component of marketing, but only recently have law firms begun to realize its vital role in marketing and business development. Continue Reading

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