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March 2014 Newsletter: Pricing to Sell

Pricing is an integral component of marketing, but only recently have law firms begun to realize its vital role in marketing and business development. Continue Reading

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October 2013 Newsletter: Building Your Firm’s Brand Equity

When it comes to professional services, the primary purpose of marketing is to generate leads resulting in opportunities to be in front of qualified prospects. However, you also want your marketing to generate marketing equity, to have “pre-sold” you and your firm. Continue Reading

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September 2013 Newsletter: Marketing Your Billing Practices

Alternative fee arrangements (AFAs) are here to stay and offer firms an opportunity from a profitability, infrastructure and business development standpoint. By AFAs, I’m referring to a non-hourly billing arrangement; this does not include a discounted hourly rate, nor does it comprise contingency work. The level of talk, puzzlement and concern currently exceeds AFAs’ actual implementation, but interest keeps mounting and will only continue. While the financial aspect of AFAs is vital, using them to your marketing benefit as a point of differentiation is equally important. Continue Reading

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August 2013 Newsletter: Taking Your Business Development to the Next Level

You have set out on the path to becoming a rainmaker. Perhaps you have originated some business on your own. It may even be that your firm has wisely made an exception to its standards for engagement scope or fee in order to encourage your efforts. In short, you have some success under your belt. Now, where do you go from here? Continue Reading

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