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International Real Estate Development Company

Challenge: Develop sales manuals for luxury resort in Mexico.
Our Work: Through on-site interviews with sales professionals in Mexico, we identified key selling points and buyer values. We drafted sales reference manuals to be used at the resort, as well as by real estate and travel agents.
Our client benefited from:
  • Identifying “buyer values” – Our interviews pinpointed the decision-making criteria potential buyers used in choosing a resort vacation home.
  • Standardized material – The sales material created a standardized foundation for communicating the benefits of investing in and using a second home in Mexico.
  • Leveraging – Rankings on lists increases a firm’s visibility and contributes to top-of-mind awareness.
  • Enhanced selling opportunity – The sales manuals showcased the property’s assets so that the sales professionals could fully communicate the benefits of the resort.

Property Management Company

Challenge: Update website to better showcase long-term experience.
Our Work: We interviewed clients for testimonials; evaluated directories/listings and recommended participation, project managed site development, drafted copy, and created strategy to introduce site and generate leads.
Our client benefited from:
  • Showcased expertise – Enhanced site better described and showcased track record of success.
  • Third party validation – Multiple testimonials reinforced credibility.

Managing Broker-Dealer – Securitized Tenant-in-Common

Challenge: Expand top-of-mind awareness and name recognition of financial services.
Our Work: We attracted media attention with enticing article and story ideas, placed bylined articles, positioned firm management as expert spokespeople, obtained high profile speaking engagements, and secured relevant rankings.
Our client benefited from:
  • Enhanced visibility – A steady stream of articles, interviews, and profiles increased the firm’s visibility and reinforced its key-player status in the financial services industry.
  • Reinforced credibility – Third-party validation resulting from speaking and media attention emphasized their credibility and top-market positioning in financial services.
  • Leveraging – Using marketing material as communication vehicles, e.g., distributing reprints/eprints, posting on website, etc., extended visibility as well as the “shelf life” of the marketing investment.

Real Estate Law Firm

Challenge: Communicate  a contemporary feel yet conveying a solid foundation of in-depth expertise for an established firm that changed its name when a senior partner retired.
Our Work: We developed a new and contemporary logo and tagline, encapsulating what the firm delivered. This work earned us the prestigious PRism Award from the Public Relations Society of America, Los Angeles Chapter. We also developed a new suite of marketing materials, including brochures, revised graphics for the firm’s website and a new conference exhibit.
Our client benefited from:
  • Reinforced Brand and Communication Points – The new logo, tagline and marketing materials reinforced the firm’s communication points and positioning in the marketplace.
  • Differentiated Positioning – The contemporary logo and marketing materials stand out from those of competitors, reinforcing the firm’s positioning as a younger firm with deep roots.
  • Opportunity for leverage – Using marketing materials as communication tools, e.g. new look for the website and conference exhibit, provided greater visibility and extended the life of the initial marketing investment.



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