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We are a marketing and public relations firm that develops and implements compelling legal marketing and public relations programs for law firms, practice groups and individual attorneys.  Sometimes this is referred to as “attorney advertising” or “legal advertising.”

Since opening our doors in Los Angeles nearly two decades ago, our law firm marketing and public relations specialists have created programs for law firms across a range of practice areas such as litigation, intellectual property, personal injury, real estate, insurance, corporate, energy and more.

We fill the role of marketing and public relations department for small-to-mid-size firms, which may not have a marketing director, as well as supporting marketing directors in firms with a professional in that capacity.

Learning Curve?  What Learning Curve?

While we need to get to know you and your firm, there’s a lot you will not have to teach us.  For example:

    • We understand law firms, attorneys and their markets across a spectrum of practice areas.  You will not spend time teaching us about the legal field.
    • We understand the professionals you market to.  We count accountants, financial advisors, real estate professionals, insurance professionals and other lawyers among our clients.
    • Our account team focuses on professional services marketing and public relations.  We know what works and how to get it done.


Results for law firms and lawyers

If you want to get your marketing done, here are just a few examples of what we can do for you:

    • Advertising – We create print, broadcast and online advertising campaigns, as well as ads for one-type use.
    • Public Relations – We position our clients as expert spokespeople in print, broadcast and online media, generate articles profiling our client-lawyers, practice groups and law firms, and pursue openings for our clients to author published articles.
    • Lawsuit Public Relations – Whether the dispute is in its infancy stages or the verdict has been read, we work to capture media coverage.
    • Marketing Material – Logos, letterhead, brochures, e-newsletters and capabilities pieces are among the marketing materials we’ve produced for clients.
    • Direct mail/email campaigns—We enhance your other marketing efforts with communication by direct mail and email to target your message to just the right audience.
    • Social Media – Our initial focus for every professional is LinkedIn.  From there, we evaluate which facet of social media best aligns with your practice: blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.
    • Search Engine Optimization – We work to boost and maintain high search engine results as well as manage Pay Per Click campaigns.
    • Website Revitalization – We enhance and update your current site when it makes sense, and redo them when needed.
    • Nominations and Rankings – From Chambers to Super Lawyers, we work to demonstrate that our client warrants inclusion.
    • Obtain Speaking Engagements – We identify relevant organizations and the program chairs, present attention-getting topics and stay on top of the lengthy selection process.
    • Marketing to Lawyers – If you get business from other lawyers, we can make sure they know who you are and what you can do.

If you want your marketing to move, contact us at berman@berbay.com or 310/405-7345

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