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With Berbay Marketing & PR, business-to-business firms will find a powerfully effective new resource to generate qualified leads. As marketing experts in the area of professional services, we use a variety of tactics to increase your visibility and credibility, including:

  • Public relations—Through various media connections, we work to capitalize on the valuable third-party endorsement of journalism professionals. We seek out opportunities for interviews about your business, position you as an expert to make comments on stories related to your industry, garner publicity for your firm’s newsworthy events, and create and place bylined articles.
  • Speaking engagements—We secure speaking opportunities for your team, where you can make important contacts by sharing your expertise with business leaders and prospects.
  • Website development—If you have no website or your current website is out of date or underperforming, we’ll get you noticed with engaging new content, blog posts, podcasts, links to social media, and more.
  • Social media—LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social media keep you connected to your current clients and prospects. Our experts will ensure that your feeds remain fresh and relevant.
  • Online marketing—We stay current with the latest search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) techniques so that potential clients who search in your area of expertise will find you first.
  • Marketing materials—We’ll help you supplement your other marketing efforts with attractive and compelling printed materials that convey your key marketing messages.
  • Direct mail and email campaigns—Our experts will help you reach the right audience with the most compelling message through targeted direct mail and email communication.
  • Nominations and rankings—We’ll help to position you as an industry leader through nominations for local, regional and national “best of” lists and rankings from media outlets and other organizations.
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