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Build Connections and Move Prospect Relationships Along

Building relationships and connections takes time. Many lawyers, CPAs and other professionals are unrealistic about how quickly they can win new or additional business from prospects. It’s really a step-by-step process and every communication with a prospect or client is a touch point to move that relationship along. Sally J. Schmidt, in her article, “Building Relationships with Contacts,” shares some creative and valuable examples of creating relationships and winning business: • When you meet someone who works at a company that could be a good source of business, set up a Google alert on that person as well as the … Continue Reading

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What I Learned at Berbay

Over the duration of my PR internship with Berbay Marketing & Public Relations, I was never asked to get anybody coffee or pick up dry cleaning. One time I did have to walk dogs around the block, but I counted that as a perk. When my summer started, my familiarity with anything “public relations” was…dismal. Some college course here, some marketing meetings with my college radio station there. I applied to the Berbay PR internship because I didn’t know enough about PR to decide whether I would consider it for a career. So I thought, why not? One cover letter, … Continue Reading

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Berbay Visits The Broad Museum

The Broad museum in Downtown Los Angeles is a building that showcases artwork, while the architecture itself doubles as a work of art. The “veil-and-vault” structure encases 120,000 square feet of gallery space. The Berbay team was lucky enough to explore The Broad as part of our cultural camaraderie program for August. Eli and Edyth Broad founded the new museum, which opened in September 2015. Together, they have collected about 2,000 works by more than 200 artists. The Broad is most recognized for the oversized table and chairs exhibit by Robert Therrien, Jeff Koons’ metallic balloon dog and pieces by … Continue Reading

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The Social Media Trends You Need to Know About Now

Many people think of themselves as social media masters, but without learning about the latest social media trends, no one can hold onto that title for long — simply because social media changes so fast. Sure, the principle of creating quality content is always the same. But there’s no telling what the social media landscape will look like five years from now, or even next year. True social media masters dedicate time to educating themselves and embracing innovation. That doesn’t just mean learning about new platforms; it also means relearning the ins and outs of old ones. Social media apps … Continue Reading

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