Cindi Goldstein

Cindi Goldstein

Office Manager


Cindi Goldstein

Office Manager

“I’ve been here at Berbay for quite a while, and I use that ‘institutional memory’ to make sure that our account managers and other staff have the data and information they need to provide the best possible service to our clients.”

Give Cindi Goldstein the name of a professional firm in Los Angeles, and she’s likely to know off the top of her head whether or not the firm is in Berbay’s extensive database. That knowledge comes from her ongoing commitment to keep Berbay’s data fresh and up to date. Cindi’s steady hand on the myriad details and mountains of data that make up Berbay’s day-to-day operation enables the rest of the staff to focus exclusively on their clients.

Speaking of which, Berbay’s clients appreciate the fact that Cindi is diligent and meticulous with the billing process, ensuring that they are billed fairly and in a timely manner. When necessary, she takes the time to speak with account managers about specific activities on the billing statement to ensure that they are reflected accurately.

“I see how much everybody here cares about the work they’re doing on behalf of our clients,” Cindi says, “and that motivates me to go all out to support them in their work. We really are one big team working for our clients’ success, and that includes what I do behind the scenes to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.”

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