About Berbay Marketing & Public Relations

Founded in 1995, Berbay Marketing & PR specializes in working with professional services firms including law, financial services, real estate, A/E/C, and B2B enterprises.

Our services include public relations, marketing material, online marketing, speaking engagements, nominations and rankings and website development.


What Berbay Can Do For You.

We get results. Period.


A full service firm means a one stop shop for you. We act as consultants for all your public relations and marketing needs.


We leverage your successes. When we place our clients in the media, we don’t stop there. We use that placement to gain more marketing traction.

We keep our promises. If you have worked with marketing consultants before, this will likely be a new experience.


We recognize you’re busy. We do our job with little direction and keep things moving.

Looking for a mix of traditional and modern approaches? Our work is tailored for each client’s needs.


This is how our clients describe our work: Quick. Persistent. Accurate. Enthusiastic. Smart. Personalized. Flexible. Conscientious. Successful.

We know your industry. We read the same publications and attend the same conferences.


We know what keeps you up at night. We use that knowledge to help you stay ahead of the latest trends.

We are women-run. You know what that means: We are relentless and tenacious in our work. We don’t take “no” for an answer.


If you can’t tell us how you stand out — we can. You don’t need to be the marketing expert. We take your raw information and package it in a way that will attract your target audience.

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Turning How? Into Wow!

Hear what our clients have to sayHear what our clients have to say

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frederique_szita_sidebar_headshotHear what our clients have to say

How has your experience been working with Berbay?

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